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So this morning I was watching those small claims court things on TV this morning and I’ve decided that I could be a small claims court judge. I mean, all they really do is tell people the logical thing to do and use thier common sense for people that don’t have any. Hello, any one could do that!

I have also decided that the problems with today’s history classes is that they don’t focus on recent history. And I’m talking about like a World history class or something at the HS level. Because I know that in my HS we focused on history that wasn’t very recent. But I think that for most kids recent history would be much easier to teach them and come in more handy then what they are being taught. If they want to know about ancient history more, then let them take college classes on the subects, or have an additional class that they can take. That’s just my feelings though.

I have learned more history in the last 4 weeks then I did all 4 years of HS. Whatever.

And I hope to come in tomorrow and get database changes done and then upload the new shit tomorrow. I doubt that’ll happen though!


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I totally agree with the teaching of more recent history. In high school I don’t think we ever got past the 1950’s in the textbook. Plus half the stuff they tell you is just flat out wrong. Can the Thanksgiving story be any more made up? High school history is essentially useless.

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