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Sympathy or Respect?

Well it appears that the hosting company that I use is having problems today, it’s been off and on for the website, and when the site it up, the database is down. Whatever. So this update was writing on Friday, at 8:37pm.

Today has been pretty good, well I guess. I was awaken at 4:30 this morning by VERY heavy rain, and hail. I didn’t think to much of it, but I couldn’t get back to sleep after that, so I’ve been up for some long time. I’m getting a little tired now.

So I left my apartment about 9:30 and rode to campus, this week has been ABSOLUTELY wonderfull for bike riding! Went to the library cause I didn’t feel like sitting out in the heat today. Studied for what we had to do today, and then read some more ?The Awakening? good book, I only have 40 pages left, so I should be done by the time that Andrew gets back on Sunday.

Class at noon, like normal! Good times, there.

We had a quiz today and one of the questions was:

?When we feel bad for someone because they are being humiliated or degraded, we are responding with what? Symapthy or Respect??

Leave comments as to which one you think it is.

Speaking of class though, we are now half way done with it. 2 weeks down and 2 more weeks left to go. I think that all classes should be this short. I really like it. Maybe I’m just crazy, but I think it’s easier to learn and to remember what you’re learning when you only have the one class to worry about. And plus I think you study more for these short classes. At least I know that I do!

Hopefully next 4 weeks will go as well as this 4 week class. I know one of the boys that’s going to be in the next class with me, so that’s a plus, and he’s cute! Lol.

Again talking of class, I was reading one of the essays that we had to read and they kept referring to everything as ?queer? and the ?queerness? of it. It was very odd, and I really didn’t understand it at all. It was supposed to be about god and morals. And weather people can be moral without god. However, the only place where god/religion was mentioned was in the first couple paragraphs of a very long paper!

Class back to my apartment where I noticed that there was HAIL DAMAGE to my car. I was NOT happy about that. So I drove to work and then tried calling my mom, since she’s the resident insurance expert. She said I should call the claim line and ask if I should bother claiming it untell I have a quote. I think it’ll probably be less the the $500 deductable that I have on my insurance, so no need to claim it and raise insurance rates if they won’t even pay for it.

Also got my mom to look up ticket costs for my excursion, she got it down to $300 a ticket. So that’s acceptable I think. So now I just hope that things work out, and people don’t think that I’m crazy!

So after all that crazyness, I went to work… Well actually I didn’t do much actuall work at work. I got the thing working that I complained about yesterday. It turned out that I was trying to access a row that wasn’t in the query, so I got that fixed and it’s all nice now. So coding is oficially done, unless I think of some other COOL thing to put into it all. Then I started on the visual stuff. It’s coming along nicely, and I have a nice new graphic for the upper thing. I’m taking my insperation from I really like his site, and I borrowed his CSS for a lot of what I’m doing. So far the basic layout is done, I just have to fill in the boxes.

On the topic of technology, I was reading an article yesterday and I came across something that gave a run down of M$’s cash reserves. Apparently 1 of every 6 dollars of M$’s pre-tax profits comes from interest payments on their cash reserves… How CRAZY is that! They have over 40 BILLION dollars in cash on hand! I wish I could have 1% of that!

Speaking of articles I also read in the paper the other day that BRAVO is starting a new tv show that’s bassically a gay dating show! Basically you have one gay guy and a group of prospectable boyfriends… The only twist is that some of the guys are STR8! How evil is that!

Anyways, the trip to IC was canceled which is sad because I was really looking forward to going to there with Dustin. He called me tonight at work, and told me. I was sad. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll fiind other things to do. Tonight, I’m just sitting at home studying. Tomorrow I know that I have to meet up with Beak about noon to work on the family cookbook (you can read her rant about that at her website). After that perhaps to a body shop to get an estamite on my car. I’m really mad about that shit! Grrr.

Sunday is going to be very long, as I can’t wait tell Andrew gets back. I miss him throughtly!


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