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So apparently Discover card doesn’t realize that I have one of thier cards, and secondly apparently Capital One doesn’t realize that I’m NOT a business. Wackos.

Today I got up early and went to the docs. That was amusing. It was the same lady that I had last time I went in, she’s nice and I like her. I also had some crazy mexican nurse. She was also very amusing. She gave me a prescription for Effexor. And a sample for 7 days, must go back in a week. Sex drive will decline, but not like that matters, I ain’t gettin’ any!

After that was over, I rode back to my appartment and grabbed a bite to eat then off to campus where I sat around from 9-11 reading and tanning. My face is burnt now, but my arms aren’t too bad. My legs however are in pain from all the biking that I did today!

So I’m currently watching “Amazing Race 4” and it’s such a stupid show, so far there have been NO real things that are going on. So annoying. But there is a REALLY cute gay couple and they classify themselves as being “Married” so cute! There’s also these two stupid annoying black girls, and the rest of the people are also annoying.

But speaking of flying, I’ve come up with a crazy scheme, it’ll cost $375 for tickets, but I think it would be fun! Now just to find someone to invite me somewhere. (And no this isn’t just randomness, you know who you are, and you know mostly where I want to go!)

Oh, I also went and purchased my books for my second class that I have. Came out to $111. HELLO? That’s for ONE class! Insanity, I tell you, insanity. (And both are used books). My mother better fucking reimburse me for those!

Andrew comes back Sunday, and I’m really excited about him being back. I think Sunday is going to go by UBER slow since he doesn’t get back tell 4:16. And hopefully his mom will let him spend the night Sunday, if not I’ll push for Tuesday.

Oh, there’s also this couple on Amazing Race that have been DATING for 12 years, and have not had sex yet. I think that’s just a bit crazy, there’s a point where not having sex untell marriage, and the amount of time spent dating are just not right. And what I think is really funny is that everytime they show the couple it says (Dating 12 Years — Virgins). Sorry, I know this probably doesn’t make since, but whatever.


I was sitting in class today and thought of this movie that I saw once, but the only thing I can remember is that there were these crazy bullets, and you programmed them with a persons name, and then shot it in the general direction of the person. The bullet then sought the person out and followed them, once the bullet caught up with the person, it didn’t just end the body and stop, it entered the persons body and then exploded…. The point is… Does anyone know what the name of this movie is?

Ok, so where was I, studying, that’s right. After that class, where we didn’t have a quiz today, so that was good. Though he did hand out a TON of info for the paper. Grr. I think I’ll do the Abortion paper. That seems the most interesting. I’ll have to read the papers though that he gave us about them, and see if I like those. (You have to base your arguments on the two papers that he gives you (One in support one in opposition of the topic)).

From class to work, where I did more on my website. Added 4 more functions and got the b2people working. Luckily I had the code sitting on my computer here at home. Also set up CVS and checked all the code into that. Supposedly the new version of b2 (Now renamed and I can’t remmeber what it’s called) will be out soon. I’ll have to see what updates they’ve put in to see if I want to upgrade to that. None-the-less, the new code I’ve been working on will hopefully go up next week now. I wanted to get it there sooner, but it doesn’t look like that’ll happen. Too much other work to do!

After work to home, and that’s where I’m at now. And probably where I’ll stay for the rest of the night. Reading and doing other productive things I’m sure!

“To Love One Another”

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Science and math books cost a lot… deal. Heehee. Thanks for the RH9, by the way.

Explain your relationship with helping develop b2 (now WordPress). Also, WordPress is already out. It’s pretty nice once you get your $abspath setup!!

By the way you don’t know me I was challenged to find the admonition on the internet by someone.

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