The A/C

So yet another productive day. It stated out rough, but that seems to have been cleared up. I was very offended that he could have thought that I was the one behind that. Whatever.

After that fiasco, I went out and rode my bike for about an hour, and then went and laid around on campus and read Kevin. I finished him, and then started on the other book that Andrew got me. It’s alright so far. I’m only about 70 pages in though. I laid around on campus from about 9:30 tell 11:30, then rode off to class.

More amusing class time, we spent the first hour talking about the Social Contract and then we spent the second out doing a quiz over it. I haven’t been doing too well on quizes this week, so tonight I’m going to study, and read over the info for the paper.

Speaking of, we got the information for the paper today, the first part of it is due on Monday, so I really have to get going on that. He said it should be from about 5-10 pages. I don’t know if I can really do that?!?!

After class off to work again, more amusement. I really didn’t do much, although I did do a lot. I bought a $3,000 computer today. Good times, that’s always fun. Also did some more work on my website, but I’m stuck because I can’t find the hack for the b2people functions.

After work I was going to go for a walk, but after last night, and all the biking I did today, my legs vetoed that idea. So I guess I’ll put that off. I’ll be doing a lot of biking tomorrow, I’ll have to go to campus twice, and then to walgreens, who the hell knows where that’s at in Ames??? Perhaps a tanning appointment too. I dunno yet though.

I also broke down and turned on the A/C today. I was hoping to not do it for a while, but it was 90 in here when I got home, and after riding my bike into the wind (Which FYI, was VERY strong today) I was really hot and I just had to turn it on. It’s very nice in here now. I can live with this. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford the power bill! lol

I’ve also devised a new scheme for next year. I’ll graduate on time, and then if I can’t get a job right away in the area of the country that I want to go to, I’ll stay here, work for Krell until my lease is up (Aug 1) and then move to whereever I want to go. I should have about $2-3 grand saved by then (Hopefully more). And then I can worry about finding a job whereever I end up.

You know what’s fun to say…
“Ohhh, THERE’S A PASS!” ::pointing at a hot boy::
“But you know who’s even hotter?!?!”
“MY BF!!!”

Hehe, I’m amused!

So I’m watching this screw up thing, and Hillary Clinton just said “I’m having a great time being a first term pres…. Senator”

Back to what I was talking about, I think so far, today has been the worst. Since usually it’s just an Andrew and I day, and I haven’t been able to see him. :'( I can’t wait tell Sunday when he gets back. I’m thinking I may go and surprise him at the Airport. But I haven’t decided yet if I want to. I’d feel as though I was barging in on the trip at that point yet, and interupting the last part of it all. But I’ll see how things go.

Oh, so randomness. Yesterday while riding my bike home from work, I was crossing the bridge and at the end there’s these posts, while last night there were like 5 or 6 hotdogs wrapped up in like the silver wrapping that you get from a c-store. I didn’t think anything of it and just kept riding. Well this morning, I rode by again on my way to work (I had to drop something off, so I was there about 9ish) and I noticed that they were still there, but I left them and kept going. Today on my way home from work (about 7ish), I noticed that the hotdogs were gone and had been replaced by a blimpie and a pop. I was like, (WHAT THE HELL!!)

Stupid News Anchors.

4 thoughts on “The A/C”

  1. The Walgreens in Ames is over by the mall (the south end), west of the KFC and Fazoli’s. The mall and Walgreens share the parking lot.

  2. Thanks for the offer to write my paper, but I bet I could get my sexy bf to write it for me at a much cheaper cost! 😉 lol.

    And plus, it’s unethical to have other people write your paper, specially for an ETHICS class!

    And thanks Beth for the directions! Ended up that I didn’t need to go there cause the SHC accepts my insurance now, so I can get prescriptions there!

    Cj B

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