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So whenever I don’t have access to a computer I always have really philosophical things to write about, but then by the time I get here, my mind goes blank and I can’t think of what it was. I think it an inherited thing because my mom does the same. Also like when I know I’m going to have to have a converstaion with someone, I reherse what I’m going to say. I try and think of all the different rebuttles they’ll have and try and plan for them. My mom does that too, when you’re riding with her you can see her pointing at things, and making hand gestures as if she’s talking, but she’s really not. And if you ask her what she’s going she tells you that shes thinking about something or another. It’s so wierd.

Anyways, so today has been SOOO fucking long. Every class has just DRAGGED on and on. My Phil class was so boring because he didn’t have slides so he just rambled on about stupid shit. I read Fast Food Nation most of the class. He did let us out early so that was good. Then in my FIN class he came to the end of one section and he paused at the first slide of the next session which just said something like “Capitol Budgeting III” or some shit like that for a minute. And then he went on with only 15 minutes left to class, you could hear a collective sigh.

Finally classes ended so I went and changed my MRS account to a regular savings account so that I don’t have to have a min of $2,500 in the account. There’s no way I can do that. Hopefully this summer I’ll be able to save up enough money to get there and I’ll be able to open my MRS again.

From there off to buy food cause I have NOTHING in the house. Then off to tan.

Now I’m here watching the news, and then I must watch West Wing because I missed it last night. Damn MIS meetings 😉

I’m out!

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