go go go go shorty its your birthday

Not much to update about, but I’m bored and everyone has already gone to bed *AHEM* Chris and Adam! Loser pants can’t even stay up to talk to me! Bah!
So today I woke up feeling a bit better, and stupid for writing that last entry… I’d delete it, but that takes too much work. Anyways.
School was so freaking stupid. In Publications, we didn’t have the computers working, so we just sat around and talked for most of the period. Towards the end I had to fix someone’s layout (after the comps were fixed, of course) which just bothers me. It’s like “Don’t take the class, leave at term, and expect everyone else to pick up your shit.” I think that people who quit early should have to at leats finish the layout they were working on instead of making the rest of the class do it.
Then in English, oh My. We just sat there… she gave us grade sheets and I had a 156 out of 200 on my Hamlet paper on my grade sheet, and that totally shot my day. Well, then she hands back the actual paper and I have a 190 out of 200, with all these comments about how my thoroughness and thoughtfulness overrid all the grammar errors. lol. I was like “Yeah so this is wrong.” She changed it and itbrought my grade up 2.4 percent to a 97.4…. and guess what? That’s still .6 away from an A+! Oh well, who gives a fuck anyways?
THen we just sat and did random shit! I hate English! AND she guilted me into taking the AP Test. I really didn’t want to, but then she stopped me and was like “YOu are taking the AP Test, right? I know you’ll get a 5 and do so well.” And I couldn’t say no. I was like “yeah of course I’m taking it.” *Sigh* It really isn’t a big deal I guess. Stupid english, stupid school.
After school, Jenny and I went to work out. That was fun I guess. For some reason, doing the elliptical machine for half an hour didn’t seem bad at all today. It was actually somewhat fun. Then I actually did my situps at the Y. I think I will continue to do them there, because it wasn’t very crowded and usually when I do them at home, by time I get here, I’m too tired to actually want to do them. Now I can get it all done at the Y, then just come home and shower.
Work was ok, though I had to stay until 7:20 b/c some stupid man was an idiot. I explained like 5097829348723948 times that we were UTA, but he just didn’t care. He had called in before and we had told him the same thing, but I guess he doesn’t like to listen. Julia, Claudia, and I were the only people there. I was so annoyed, but at least I got paid for that extra 20 minutes. And after missing 3 days, I really need it.
I told Mother about my ticket b/c the Insurance company called and she asked if I had anything to tell her. So yeah… that wasn’t so good. I totally forgot that I was on probation for a year….. Uh oh… basically Mother says that I’ll lose my license. This escalated into a huge fight where she told me that I’ll be this horrible inconvience to her blah blah blah worst son blah blah how can I be so smart and do such dumb things blah blah. I was like fuck off. The point is, if I do get my license taken away it’s gonna SUCK! Like really horribly. My mom said that if it does happen, shes gonna go to court and plead with them to just let me use it for school and work but nothing else. So then I have to inconvience all my friends…. oh gosh, I’m having flashbacks to LAST summer when I had no license! Why don’t I ever have a license?? ::cries:: This is terrible… why the fuck am I such a speed demon? ::cries some more:: This summer’s gonna SUCK ASS if I don’t have a license…

Well I WAS having a better day. Now I’m feeling just bleh. Yeah so I’m totally done with that. Three times was enough, I’ve struck out, and now I’m done. Don’t try to guess what it is, because you won’t.
School tomorrow… ugh.
I’m missing something… I finally figured it out while showering for the 2nd time… I’m unfulfilled. I don’t know what it will take to fulfill me… but I really feel like I’m missing something.. Eh.

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