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So this weekend has been pretty damn good.

Friday Adam and I did shit cause Andrew was at Cho… Very exciting for him I’m sure.

I think it consisted of us sitting around doing pretty much nothing, perhaps TV, food, and some other things. I can’t really remember cause I was dopped (Is that how it’s spelled) up pretty good.

Saturday we waited around and did some more randomness tell Andrew and Dustin got back about 6ish or so. They met us at Adam’s house, and then we drove to Dustin’s cause Rob was being Queenie McImAHapppyPants. Watched the movie from the trip, talked and got all caught up about the happenings of the last couple days. I really wished that I would have gone, although I’m sure they would have been really pissed with my whinning by the time we got back. lol

BTW, teeth are doing much better. The after-pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. So that’s good. Although I was pretty high the whole time. So that’s also good! And the tooth fairy never came as my mom promised. Stupid bitch. I’ll never again believe in such things! My heart is broken! Get the stiches out Tuesday.

After the movie, went downtown and talked some more.. Good times again. it was a bit chilly cause I wore shorts. Stupid me. Oh well!

Met up with some boi that Dustin knows. He was amusing. I was very tired, so didn’t say much. went home shortly after that, left Andrew a few more messages whilst I shoved my face with yummy food. I shouldn’t have eaten it though cause it’s fattening and made my teeth hurt some. I took more drugs and went to bed. Dead cold. (I mean out cold.)

Today was good, washed and cleaned car. Went to Adam’s met up with Andrew, met the nieghbors doggy. Played loud gay music. Adam went to work about 3.

Andrew and I went to VW to exchange his shorts, then to Hy-Vee to get pics and food. Ended up sitting there for like 2 hours talking about random shit. Although we did get alot talked about it and was nice to just talk to him. He’s a very smart person.

I haven’t moved the mouse in over 35 minutes… I’ve just been using the keyboard. I’m an Uber Geek!

OH! Andrew got me the CUTEST present while he was in MN….. YOU GUESSED IT! A “P” and “V” stap!

So now you know that if you see someone walking around with a “P” or “V” on their forhead, you know that I’ve either PASSED them more VETOED them. Good times.

Anyways, came back to Ames around 6ish… watched trading spaces. I can’t wait tell I can buy my own place and decorate it all the way that I want too! It’ll be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo PRETTY!

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i want to help decorate with you. i can get a discount at sherwin williams AND im excellent at using a drill AND my mother just bought the best of trading spaces AND nothing else really, just wanted to type ‘AND’ one more time. check ya on the flip side homie G.

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