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I don’t know!

So it’s been a long time since I really updated. Actually a week on the dot! Anyways…

Last week wsa boring, on to the weekend!

Friday afternoon Adam came up here and we hung out. Went shopping at NorthGrand, such a boring mall. But we purchased Andrew these cute little boxer briefs, since he’s now obsessed with them. And the cute gay boi that checked us out was like, “Orange shirt, I remember seeing that somewhere else today.” So we talked for a couple minutes whilst he was checking us out.

After that we went to Bowling for Columbine. REALLY great movie I can’t wait tell it comes out on DVD or something. I must write a paper about it today so that I can turn it in tomorrow in class for extra credit.

After the movie we came back to my place had some fun and ate supper. Good times.

From there we headed downtown to meet up with Scott. Met him, hung out, more normal Java Joe’s type stuff. We ran into Andrew and some girl as well. Good times.

Saturday we got up early, well not that early, but still. Went off to meet up with Andrew and Jenny at the speech competition. We left that early which was sad cause we didn’t get to see girl perform, but jenny wanted a hat. So off it was to find hats. We searched and searched and searched, and FINALLY found on at Hot Topic, I think that’s where it was located. Anyways, she looked cute in it!

After we located the mysterious hat, Andrew and Girl went home and Adam and I went to B&N to read. I finished my book, and it was really sad ending. Good one though. Andrew met up with us there. From B&N we went to PC to get food and hang out at my house. It was like 6:00 by then. After food we went back to my house, hot tubbed, much secret divulging happened there. It’s now called the “Trust Tub” or something like that. What’s with all those, the HH, the TT, etc etc. lol Anyways, good times, even though there for a c ouple minutes there was much grumpyness going on in there!

After hot tubing we went inside watched some porn talked and hung out. Andrew left about 11:30.

Today we slept in a bit, but not by much. It was good though, we went to Ankeny hung out at Adam’s house, went to Best Buy to get cheap CD’s cause I’m almost out then to the mall where we AGAIN met up with Andrew. Shopped had a good time, sat around and talked. Washed Adam’s car, etc.

We departed ways about 4:30, Adam and I back to his house, Andrew back to his. I departed for Ames about 5:00, due to much bickering going on at Adam’s. Now I’m here and this update is done… Must go to the private updates and do one of those for this weekend, as it’s needed.


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