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So this weekend much stuff happened. I don’t really know what to think of it all right now. It’s really brough the three of us (Adam, Andrew and I) closer together. Friday was normal, we didn’t really see Andrew. Saturday was odd.

It didn’t really start until late that night we went hot tubbing and many things were divulged. Such as that back in the day before we knew Andrew it was in fact ME who he was checking out everytime we saw him at Java Joes. YAY that was a total ego boost.

We also FINALLY talked about the whole situation with his feelings towards me, etc. So that was nice to finally find things out. Although I still want to know more. Just for another ego boost though. It’s so nice when other guys who I find to be MUCH more attractive then me tell me I’m hot. It’s just such a nice feeling.

We also found out that Andrew’s been having a fuck buddy lately. Which Adam got kind of defensive about.

After the hot tub, we went inside, like I said, and watched the porn. It was good time, we were all just laying on the couch, not really in any sexual position, but just laying there, it was nice. Then Adam started up with the lick elbow thing on Andrew, and before I knew it he was in the middle laying in my lap, with Adam doing the elbow thing and my hand on his dick, pretty much jacking him off through his pants. And he was holding my hands and stuff. It was just so nice, and romantic.

It wasn’t like, “Oh threesome, sex sex sex, I’m horny” and I hope that’s not how Andrew felt. It was more then that. Even though no one actually came, etc. But it was a good time. lol. Andrew makes the cutest faces when he’s being molested like that. Ohh, I could have just ate him all up!

After it all happened, I was all worried that things would get wierd. Adam and I talked about it, and a line for me was really crossed, but I guess in the long run that’ll be ok.

I just think that I feel bad because I told myself that NOTHING would EVER happen with Andrew and now things are starting to happen. Plus I feel like a big fat ass compared to him.

Anyways. Today was good cause things didn’t appear to be wierd and we all talked about it some. He felt it wa snice, and he really enjoyed everything that happened, which is again, something that I was concerened about cause he’s one to tell someone that it’s alright, and then go to someone else and say “MAN THAT WAS NASTY!”

Anyhow, Adam and I talked about it on the way home from the mall and decided that there wouldn’t be any restrictions on this like there was with James, and that if things happen, we’ll just let them happen. I expressed what I thought was alright to have happen, and he expressed what the thought (Basically he said that ANYTHING could happen and he’d be fine).

Anyways, that’s what’s going on. Really good weekend cause it’s FUCKING hot to see my bf and my best friend doing that shit. OH, such a turn on! I wonder if str8 people do that??

19:13:28 acersai: So then…talking to Andrew…

19:13:43 acersai: Just making sure all is well on the western front…

19:13:59 acersai: and it appears that he feels the same way I think we do…

19:14:09 blackc2004: Which is?

19:14:35 acersai: I don’t think he thought of any of this as harmles fooling around with no actual connection.

19:14:51 acersai: "I thought of it as a more than a threesome sex act, it was a threeway personal connection, in whch we all feel attracted to the others."

19:14:58 acersai: " And I guess if you don’t feel the same way, and you’re looking at this as harmless messing around, things could get messy."

19:15:09 acersai: SqUaLL0112 (7:14:18 PM): but yes, i know exactly what you are talking about!

19:15:10 acersai: SqUaLL0112 (7:14:31 PM): dont worry!!!

19:15:16 acersai: qUaLL0112 (7:14:47 PM): i already told you guys in the hot tub im in love with both of you

19:15:25 blackc2004: Awww, how cute!

19:15:53 acersai: SO I think he knows how I feel, and kind of how you feel (I assume you feel abo0ut the same as I do) and I think he reciprocates.

19:16:06 blackc2004: Well that’s good to know.

19:16:24 acersai: He sees this as three people attracted to eachother, and sharing a physical connection.

19:17:11 acersai: And I see no problem with that, assuming that’s exactly what it is, and all three parties fully agree.

19:17:23 blackc2004: Alright…. Now get to what felt the best, and what he didn’t like.

19:17:25 blackc2004:

19:17:27 blackc2004: lol

19:17:34 acersai: lol

19:17:40 acersai: I didn’t get that far.

19:17:51 blackc2004: What, are you done talking to him?

19:17:55 blackc2004: lol

19:18:05 acersai: He was concerned that you might be jealous or not ok with him letting me do that at first

19:18:09 acersai: Yes he went to eat.

19:18:15 blackc2004: Ahh

19:18:32 acersai: Anyway he wanted to may positivly sure that we weren’t weird, and assured me that he was great!

19:18:47 acersai: With you what happened last night just happened. Not planned, not icky, not "kinky".

19:18:53 acersai: Ok it was kinky but not in a "We’re doing a kinky naughty thing…" it was a "Aww this is nice" kinky

19:18:58 blackc2004: Well that’s good.

19:18:59 blackc2004: lol

19:19:01 acersai: SqUaLL0112 (7:09:01 PM): for me it was "omg this is the best day of my life kinky" LOL

19:19:09 acersai: SO clearly he’s ok…

19:19:21 blackc2004: lol

19:19:54 acersai: And about my reaction to him and Joseph…and me not knowing why I reacted that way…

19:19:55 blackc2004: With you what happened last night just happened. Not planned, not icky, not "kinky".

19:19:56 acersai: SqUaLL0112 (7:06:26 PM): cause were so close it just feels like were all boyfriends maybe?

19:19:56 blackc2004: What?

19:20:14 blackc2004: Could be, eh.

19:20:24 acersai: What happened last night I didn’t feel was "kinky" or icky.

19:20:35 blackc2004: Ok

19:20:41 acersai: It wasn’t planned, like the thing with James.

19:20:56 acersai: I said that one was like, "Hye that could be fun…but with who? Hmm…James! He’s here already!"

19:21:02 blackc2004: Yes, cause that was going to be the nex question… Did you and Andrew plan it on the way there.

19:21:03 blackc2004: lol

19:21:09 blackc2004: lol

19:21:19 acersai: That’s what made that a kinky sexual act. Not a "Let’s share some intamacy"

19:21:26 acersai: Hell no!

19:21:32 blackc2004: ok

19:21:49 acersai: We didn’t even speak of ANYTHING like this till just a few minutes ago…up till now it just happened.

19:22:00 blackc2004: Gotchya.

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I still say that it was probably the best night of my life in the sexual experience wise.

Here it is, nearly 2 days later, and I’m still thinking about everything that happened on that couch and I still get a hard-on. It was wonderfull!

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