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I’m not going to DIE!

So I went to the dentist today. Not fun times. The lady was really nice, and so was the doctor. Good times there, although the news that they carried wasn’t good.

They ripped out the retainer thing that was glued to my teeth. One side had broken off, and the other side was loose, so they just pulled it out. Ouch! Then cleaning, X-rays, blah blah.

Come to find out that my pain was caused by the retainer thing, so that should be better now. Although I have to call my Ortho and get an appointment to get it put back in sometime.

X-rays came back, only 2 cavaties. Which is pretty good, considering I haven’t been to a dentist in like 3 years.

They said though that I have to have my wisdom teeth out before I can get those filled. Don’t ask why? So must get that done soon. They gave me the number for the people here in Ames, so I’ll call them tomorrow, or Friday. Pain, I don’t like.

One tooth is laying on it’s side, pointing towards the front and pushing on other teeth. Another one is “out” all the way, but it’s still pretty well lodged in the gums, the two top ones though are fine, but he recommended that they still come out.

In other news. I’ve had a BSD box sitting here for months just being happy and working away like a good little box. Yesterday they wanted to get some info on them, so they came in, logged in and tried to do some basic stuff (ie, “ls”) and they got an error. Not good, considering ‘ls’ is a VERY basic command and when that doesn’t work, it’s VERY hard to navigate around a system. Anyways, I came in today and they told me about it. So I was like, alright, no biggie.

Yeah, comes to find out we were rooted (is that a word) back on Feb 1 at 22:31. They got in through an SSH vuln it appears. Right now we’ve blocked that port, I want to get it reformatted and back up and running, but we have people out this week and they’re using the system, so can’t bring it down. Not good. Must install tripwire on the other boxes.

Lots of other stuff going on, PHIL test on Tuesday, not looking forward to that. 10 grammer questions, where he gives you a word and you give the def, 2 quote ID’s, and 2 essay questions (He’s given us 6, and then he’s going to choose 2 of those). Yeah, I’m totally going to fail that test. Not looking good.

MKT test on Friday, should do alright on that one, I’ve been studying for it though, and I need to do more.

Speaking of failing PHIL. If indeed I do fail it, that really puts a damper on things for the summer. It’s not a class that I can fit in next semester. So I’d have to take that class this summer some time. Which means, that if I work at Camp, I’d have to either A) Miss the mornings of Staff taining week or B) Miss the mornings of the last week of camp and not work CUB camp at all.

If however, I don’t work at camp, that means I can fit in 9 credit hours this summer, and drop my load to 12 credit hours per semester my senior year.

Financially though, working at camp will put me ~$1,000 ahead what I would have if I worked at Krell all summer and went to school. And then in the long run, I could possibly make up to an additional $1,000 through the rest of the year. So confusing.

I’ll just wait and see what happens I guess. That’s the best way!

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