My Life

I’m going to DIE!

My tooth HURTS so fscking BAD. I think I’m going to DIE DIE DIE!


My wisdom teeth, or at this point it’s just on tooth, is coming in. And it HURTS LIKE A MOTHER FSCKER!

In other news, this weekend was alright. Went home early Friday because it was supposed to be BAD! And indeed it did get VERY bad, but not near as early as they thought it would. Anyways, it rained, it hailed, it SNOWED! It was so cool!

Friday night Andrew was supposed to come over, but he clearly didn’t come over. Too bad too really. It would have been TONS of fuN! Had he not had to work he would have been there though, because by 7 when he got off the roads were pretty bad.

Anyways, Adam and I watched TV, and did other random stuff all day long. About 11ish we went out and played in the snow. It was SOOO cool. It was like we were 12 again! lol.

I got scared shitless too cause there was a rabid animal chasing us around the yard. Luckly Gordy was there to protect us!

Saturday we slept in and awoke to EVEN more snow, you couldn’t even tell where we had been out running through the yard just hours before, or where I hat shovled at least a foot of snow off our deck! It was crazyness.

Needless to say, Adam and I sat around my house and had a good ass time! And again, Andrew didn’t make it over. Sad.

We also baked LOTS of cookies, and played in the snow some more, and took panoramic pics of my backyard and all the pretty snow! I love snow when it comes down like this! I dislike it when it interupts my plans for things. Rarr.

We slept in this morning, got up dressed and then ventured out to leave… Since they had FINALLY cleared out our driveway… There were like 4 foot drifts in our driveway, it was crazy!

Drove back to Adam’s. Roads were still really bad between Ankeny and PC. So once we got there, I wanted to leave cause I didn’t want to be out driving in the roads to much. Considering I almost died from a car accident on the way there. Fucking people in their big ass trucks!

Anyways, I left. Came home. Did shit. Watched the Simpsons, and then the Married with Children thing, very interesting.

And now I’m here, dying from my hurt! I shall go off to bed soon, and call a dentist tomorrow!


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