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Well, one down, three more to go. I must leave here soon to go study for my Calc test which is tonight at 7pm.

Dear Mother Nature,
Could you please return to us the nice weather that we’ve had? It’d be very nice of you.


Umm, so yeah. My UPS has been BEEEEEPPING at a greater consistency lately. Rarr at that. Perhaps I’ll have to call APC and see if my battery is still under warranty. I would think it should be.

I’ve been trying to install The Sims today. I can install Sims, Livin’ Large, and Vactaion, but House Party and Hot Date are both too scratched up to install. Fucking brother. I’m going to blame him for that one.

“Large bedroom to rent in nice flat with easygoing bloke with SOH. Suit someone who does a lot of traveling and needs a place to keep a space toothbrush, or non-UK resident looking for an address for tax/housing benefit dodge. No pets, no friends, no conversation. Paranoid introverts who keep themselves to themselves and are also invisible especially welcome. $100-800 pw (depending on how much oxygen you use).”

Should I be concerned that someone from DPS visits my site frequently?

Hello out there.

//Edit: Quoted from a strangetalk posting:
“A war on condoms? If this is true, I’m going to go ahead and finish Bush’s work for him and declare a war on the morning after pill, a war on cancer cures, a war on America, a war on all of humanity, and a war on myself. Then I’m going to declare a war on my war.”

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Dear Chris J. Black,

Thank you for your recent request to return the weather in your area to a warm state. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to reject it at this time.

You see, we have a huge backlog of “white Christmas” requests and a background check (S.O.P. here at the Weather Center) revealed no reason why you should be favored over those others.

For a greater chance of success in the future, you might try to ratchet down the mindless carping about the unmitigated banality that is your life. You could also devote a modicum of effort to proofreading and give being kind to others a shot.

Also, consider donating a dollar to GMHC every time you are tempted to write/speak the “word” ‘Rarr.’ It might not make you a better person, but at least you’ll be poorer.

Warmest regards,

Mother Nature and the wacky weather crew

Thank you person from The Design Cafe… That was quite cute of you.

However I would enjoy continuing my horrid spelling and “Rarring”.

As for being poor, I already am, so I can’t really get much more so.

Back to studying now.

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