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I am officially going to shoot myself in the face repeatedly. Guess what? The speech slate went up today. And guess what? Andrew is in Choral Reading, and One Act play. And guess what? There isn’t a Readers Theater this year. And guess what? Choral Reading is practicing FOUR DAYS A WEEK (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). And guess what? One Act Play is practicing FOUR DAYS A WEEK. And guess what? Choral Reading practices from 3-5 and One Act practices from 5-7! So what does all this mean? It means Andrew will fucking have practice from 3 UNTIL FUCKIN 7 O FUCKING CLOCK AT NIGHT EVERY FUCKING DAY EXCEPT WEDNESDAY! I saw Mrs. Bishop and said “Where’s the Readers Theater?” she said that Rachel and I need to come in for a conference right after 2nd hour. I am so mad. I CANNOT practice four nights a week for four hours each time. I can’t just not go to my DMACC class for the rest of the semester. This sucks my big balls. Now I will NEVER work. I will never have time for anything else. I WONT be able to go to Group, I won’t be able to do anything. Let’s see.. I’ll have nothing to eat at all b/c I won’t be able to stop practice. THIS BLOWS! And to make thigns even worse (If that’s even possible) Nearly EVERYONE in the Choral Reading has NEVER done speech before. Meaning we are gonna have this stupid little group of people who don’t know what they are doing. It’s too much. I have to let Mrs. Bishop know this when we have our conference. When I talked to Rachel, she got very emotional with it and I don’t know what to do. The one act was like me, Alanna, and Mitch Owen. Hello, a one act with 3 people? DEAR GOD! This is soooooooo bad, and the next few months of my life will be hell if this happens. I don’t want to drop anything, but four hours a DAY is just too much. When will Mrs. Bishop understand taht we all have other lives to attend to?
I am going to talk to Mrs. Every, I will write about my weekend later.
Ok ::Deep Breath:: I’m feeling better, but not much. I talked to Mrs. Every about things, and she said it is too much for me. It’s fucking too much! ARRRR! I want this block to be over so we can have our meeting.
::deep breath::
So my weekend. Friday I was so insanely productive. I wrote my entire psychology paper, 5 pages of my Bipolar paper, and my personal statement for Chapman. I might post it here and everyone can give me comments.. I want it to be good.
Wait.. I think I wrote this all already..
Um.. Adam, Chris and I went out. That was fun. We just hung around Javas. We saw a fight! These guys started fighting and Chris and I contemplated stopping it.. and then we didn’t. But it got broken up eventually. Scary though! We didn’t really do much. The best part was when I was explaining how David and I used to play that game where you stare right past someone until they freak out and look. And I was saying how we did it to Steph and how she like freaked out, and turned around quick, and screamed “WHAT IS IT?!?” So I was reneacting it, but didn’t realize that there were people behind me. So I whip around and scream WHAT IS IT?!? And this woman gasps! So I turned back around and said I was sorry and the three of us were laughing so hard. Oh my, it was great. But then we left kinda early and I took the long way home and sang a lot. “Do I get off here?” “No, and you ask that every time.” lol
oh good times.
So then Saturday I went to work. The kitchen made the wrong food (imagine that!). They also didn’t get it ready until like 10:45ish. And work sucked. Karen and Jerry were there. I really like Karen, she’s a really sweet person. We just talked about a lot of things, and it wasn’t THAT bad. Then I went to Courtneys and we watched “Save the Last Dance”. That was great. Then I went home and called Chris. He said he’d call back in like an hour, when he was done eating… blargy! lol
So he called and we met at Valley West. We shopped and looked at the cute boys. He had eaten an entire pizza before he came lol.
Emily’s weekend was a blur. “Damn straight!”-Emily
And back to me…
So we sat in the mall and talked for a really long time. I thought it was really nice. I like Chris a lot! Yay Chris! We just walked and stuff, shopped… looked at all the stuff that we can’t afford.
Then we left. I drove him to his car and then we decided to go downtown. When we went down there, we saw Scott and some of his Simpson friends. Stacy was there! So I freaked and Stacy and I talked for the entire time. Chris left b/c Adam called. I guess Adam was annoyed that I called Chris to hang out, but not him. It wasn’t anything personal. A.) I remembered that Adam said he had to work, so why bother? B.) I didn’t know that they had to come as a pair. I don’ mean that to be offensive in any way… but you know.
ANYWAYS, I stayed and talked to Stacy forever. She told me that Skinny and I could stay with her if we go to Minneapolis. So I told Mother that, and she said she’d think about it and maybe we could go. So I hope she decides on yes! That would be awesome and after this week (which is shaping up to be stressful) I need some relaxation. In fact, I just need some. Damn, it’s been such a long time…
And Chris, GO LOOK FOR MY ADOBE PAGEMAKER!!!! I NEED IT! If you come to Des Moines next week without it, I’m striking 70 blowjobs from your total.
And on that note, someone (I won’t say who.. Ok, it was Chris) wrote on the top of my car “Andrew sucks good.” Thanks for the compliment!
Sunday I went to work again, where they made hot wings. I do not know why b/c hot wing day is today. So who the hell knows what they are making today? Who cares cause I’m not selling! Party! Anyways. I am kinda afraid to work the registers again b/c I don’t really remember how to. But I should be good, I’m working with Rich and he’s pretty nice. Hopefully I can just go do the cooler and stuff, and all the other menial stuff that needs to get done.
Anyways, I studied with Katie for the Physics test. Then Skinny came over and we went to the drag show. That was really really fun! Champagne Showers performed and she was awesome!!! And I guess Keanna Iman is going to be on Jerry Springer on Tuesday. Somebody tape it so I can see it! Anyways, the show was cool and I decided that the little Mexican boy who dances (Rodriguez) was really hot. I wanted to make out with him. lol.
So the performances were good, Skinny and I were having a good time, and the sluts glared at us. Oh well. Anyways, the last act was perfectly horrible. It was like a tribute to Kaniptia Fitz, and the whole time I was wondering, “What’s a Kaniptia?” So yeah.. it was really bad. It was Selena Sachowitz (or Sabrina, I can never remember which is which) and she is the one who looks like a man, even when she is in drag! So that was just funny. Afterwards, we met Tyler’s friend Desiree, and she was really cool.
She goes to North. Said she didn’t like David. Imagine that. But when we went to the cheerleading competition, there was a really hot boy cheerleader from North. I asked Desiree about him, and she said he IS gay. Anyways, I gave her my SN and she’s gonna give me the hookup. lol. So she told me that I just need to go talk to Rodriguez. So she came with me and we went up and told him how good he was and stuff.
Well, he asked for my e-mail address, so I gave it to him. And he wrote down his number and email for me, so I also wrote down my cell number. He was so hot! I just remembered this: ::cue asian voice:: “I was gripping the chairs so tight.. oh so tight..” lol. Umm anyways, yeah so then we hugged goodbye and for some reason I thought we were gonna make out. He lives in Waterloo, so that sucks, but he would be fun to play with when he’s down for the shows. Rarr.
So then on the way home, Skinny said how he saw David this weekend and he was insanely drunk. That’s sad. The one thing he promised he would never become. And you’d think after getting alcoholo poisoning, that you wouldn’t drink so much anymore. Some people just don’t learn…
Umm.. my new favorite CD is Erykah Badu “Mama’s Gun” It’s realy good and Bag Lady is the best song ever. I’m also in love with Smashing Pumpkins, “Tonight, Tonight.”
And on that note, stupid Tyler was talking to me last night after the show online.
OMG I JUST REMEMBERED!!!!! Josh (creepy boy who stalks me online) is dating…. ::drum roll:: everyone get prepared to shit your pants….. JEREMIAH WHITE!!! That’s right, JW himself! Gross!!!! I called Skinny and we were shitting our pants together. GROSS!
So Tyler. He was like “Guess who I just spent 2 hours talking to?” I’m like “Who?” And he goes “Rodrigo 🙂 you know, he was one of the acts.” I was just like “Um.. I’m aware.” And he said that Rodriguez said I was really cute.. I was thinking in my head “Cuter thanyou bitch!” But I didn’t say it. But I don’t know if he was saying it in an attempt to make me jealous, but it definitely didn’t work b/c I definitely know that I’m cuter than Tyler and I’m POSITIVE that I’m more interesting. I hate to sound pompous..but Tyler is a Bory McBoreface. So that was that. He then pretty much said he had a crush on Skinny, which has nothing to back it up b/c Skinny is never even very nice to him and Tyler is a stupid Mc Stup face. And I guess he fooled around with 2 guys, neither of which he was dating. So I guess we CAN call him a slut, and at the same time, we realy can’t, b/c Skinny and I have both fooled around with guys we haven’t been dating.. I have with more than two.. we can call those “whoopsies”.
But yeah, Tyler still is a slut for our purposes b/c it’s funnier that way. We hate ugly boy! His name is Joe I guess and he’s so ugly! lol. We are so funny.
The whole time when the sluts kept lookign at us, Skinny and I were like “Bet they’re placing bets on who can get us into bed.” “Bet they’re saying ‘hey, who here has imagined a threesome with them’ and everyone is nodding their heads.” “Bet they think we are bitchy.” And then we said OH WELL! Oh yeah, and this weirdo, really flamy boy ( I think he was drunk) was DEFINITELY all over David 2 and it was gross.
Anyways, I’m gonna go waste some time on the INternet. I work from 4-10 tonight. Someone come visit me.. It’ll be one of the last time I work for awhile lol.

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