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So yeah, the last couple days have been VERY VERY stressfull. I’ve been hosting my website at work until I found a place that would take my SQL dump and create the database, but I hadn’t found anything. I talked to Nazanin at the begining of the summer if it was alright that I hosted it there for the summer. But anyways…

So yeah, friday morning, I checked my logs. and showed up. I instatly said “SHIT!” and quickly took everything off-line. It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. But Thursday I was REALLY annoyed and just bitched about stuff… Go read it if you care.

Anyways, I’ve been SOO stressed out since then, sometimes to the point that I feel sick. I was about in tears on Friday. It was bad.

But then Friday night we went out with Andrew and it was fun times. I don’t remember exactly what we did, but I know it was fun!

Saturday Adam and I did stuff in the morning, then he went to work. And I went home to do laundry, talk to the PU’s and eat. After that I met up with Andrew at the Mall and we looked at hot bois and talked about random stuff. It was great times. After that we went downtown where Scott was. It was really good to see him again.

Adam called about 10:30 and I went back to his house. From there we went to my house and went hot tubing and then he spent the night.

We got up early the next morning and treked off to Perry. My cousin Beak was randomly in town. We got there and she told us the news… Then we just hung out for a while, it was amusing as hell. About 2ish we left to go back to my house to get my plants that I forgot and then back to Adam’s house.

We got back there and hung out, then I left about 3:30 or so. Cause I’ve got a calc test this week. Which I must study for! Rarr!

Anyways. Today I’ve been VERY stressed again. And REALLY tired. I slept through 3 of my 4 classes, and the only reason I was awake for the first class was cause he kept calling on me. So tonight’s going to be an early one.

Anyways, Laters!


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