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I’m going to…

…Write the 70’s next week.

Lol. So that’s one of the good quoutes from the guy last night. It was a really good speach and he has like 9 books out. I must have them! I met Julian and Mandy there and it was good to see them, we were also harrased by this cute lesbian about the BBQ that’s today. I might go, but I dunno yet. We’ll have to see what happens later. The guy that talked last night is also having a lunch today where people can go talk to him. I really want to go, but I have class and after the ass raping that I just had, I don’t want to miss any classes.

Speaking of that ass raping, I just got done with my Relig 105 test. It was 1/3 Multiple choice, 1/3 short answer, and 1/3 an ESSAY, as in two to three pages, hand written essay about a topic he gives you in the test… no idea what the topic is going to be until you get there! RARR! I totally failed it. I think I did alright on the mulitple choice part, but when I got to the short answer, I had no clue… When I got to the essay, no clue. So I left, rarr.. I wanted to cry to bad. I really enjoy that class, and I do the reading, I try my hardest, I listen in class… everything, but the test was just sooo fucking hard! Rarr. 😥 I’m going to go talk to the prof on Monday and perhaps drop the class on Tuesday, we’ll see.

Not much else has happened since the last update. I worked long hours yesterday, it was annoying but nice. We’re getting ready to spend everyone off to SC, and the Matrix site went live yesterday which was cool, I guess. They purchased a $1500, 20.1 Viewsonic flat panel monitor the other day, and they’re going to buy another one… They are VERY sweet! I want one now! I also got a webmail system up and running, which was nice, and we’re well on our way to getting Vermont upgraded. It’s very fun times.

Mmmm, hot boi!

Anyways… I’m going back to DM tonight to see Adam and that’s very exciting. However, I took him away from his family on his b-day (tomorrow) and I hope they aren’t mad at me… But what we’re doing is far more important, lol.

Ok, I’m going to go read the paper and then do my HW. Laters all!

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Okay. If I didn’t know that by “ass raping” you meant that an EXAM was an ass raping, I’d be concerned for your well being. Reread that entry. It sounds like you just got literally raped twice!

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