uhh… its denser?

Ha! That was my response to the question in Physics, “Why is poisonous gas used to fill airbags?” I definitely did not know the answer.
Oh well. Anyways, NEWS! Sorta. When I turned my phone on, I definitely had a message. “Hey Andrew, it’s David. I hadn’t talked to you in awhile, and just thought I would call and see how you were doing because I was thinking about you. I tried to call the residence, but no one picked up. Call me back soon, I would really appreciate it.” That isn’t the exact wording, but its the basic jist. Anyways, that put me in a good mood. So I decided to call him when the day was over. We got out at 1, and I went home. Emily called me. Then my cell rang. It was him. I picked up and he was like “Wait, shouldn’t you be at school mister?” or something like that, it was cute. Anyways, I was thinking “Uhh… if you thought that, then why did you call..?” Anyways, Emily needed to talk so I told David I would call him back. When I got done talking to Emily, I called. I was afraid that he might not answer his phone, but much to my happiness, he did. We just talked for like 20 minutes about randomness, what was going on in our lives, etc. I just wanted to scream out “I LOVE YOU!” but I kept it inside. I wonder what he feels. I really want to know. But we talk so sporadically that I don’t want to ruin everything by bringing it up. So I don’t know. When we were about to get off the phone, he said we’d talk soon, blah blah blah. He was like “you can call me you know.” I was like “Yeah, you can call me too, we’ll get ahold of each other sometime soon.” I really wanna see him! I miss him a lot. As a friend, boyfriend, everything. I just miss him. I hope he misses me too, and I hope I get the opportunity to see him soon. I’m also a little confused. I don’t get why he keeps calling and saying he’s thinking about me and wondering how I am and stuff. It implies to me that clearly feelings are not 100% gone.. am I wrong? I really need help, if anyone has an opinion on this, definitely leave me a message. I’m so confused!
In other worlds, we went to look at this house today that was ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! I guess this guy is selling it for 700,000 dollars, but no one is buying it. So we are hoping I guess to talk him down or something, and we may make a deal with him because he likes our house or something like that. But this house, oh my goodness! It was the greatest house. It had a really beautiful everything. It had this really cool multi-leveled deck that was just fabulous. And it had a little brook under it.. perfect for moonlight kisses :). But I would basically have the whole downstairs which was like a media room, a kitchen, my bedroom, a den area, and like 3 bathrooms. Oh my, it was wonderful. I told my mom that we could start moving in today. It was just crazy! So I hope that we can possibly move into it. Moving will be a whole lotta work, that I probably won’t want to do, but it would be worth it to be in this house. You have to see it to believe it and hopefully all of you will cause hopefully we move there!
Anyways, my bed is calling, I am tired as a motherfucker. lol

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