My Life

What’s Happened?

What has happened? I mean, comon. Julian a while ago said that Mandy had randomly called him.. That they’ve been hanging out.. Vero says that they’ve been hanging out.

I was reading vero’s journal, said it was Mandy’s B-day.. That they were going out. Last year she insisted that I go out with them. This year, I didn’t even know. I haven’t hardly talked to her since Januray. What happened? Is she still pissed at _me_ for ruining her life?

She’s the one that choose not to go to work, not me. She could have got to work. There’s no reason that I should have to pay her for “missed” work days. She didn’t choose to go to work.

What ever. If she’s going to be such a bitch about it, then there’s no need to worry.

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