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Totaly Late

So I’m totaly late for class now… I woke up, out of a very nice dream, to the sound of the phone ringing. I looked around and saw that it was light out, so I looked at my clock….. 9:26. “9:26!! HOLY SHIT! I’M LATE FOR CLASS!” I scream to myself. I look at my watch to make sure that’s the right time…. Then I check my alarms, yep… It’s 9:26 and class starts in a couple minutes, no way to get there on time, unless I leave NOW and speed all the way, I can get there 10 minutes late….. But after smelling my breath and checking the mirror, that option was ruled out.

So I got out of bed, and took a shower, brushed my teeth and now here I am… Totaly late for class. Fucking shit!

I have a program to do, that I don’t understand at all… And I missed the class where she explains what everyone’s been complaining about.. There are no more TA office hours between now and when it’s due. This royally sucks ass. I know what I’m going to be doing tonight, and at work today.

But thought this all, I had been waking up from a great dream…. Nathan Ritchie and I were out shoppig for someone’s birthday. I dunno who’s, but someone was paying us to shop for them. It was totaly cool. So we were out shopping and talking about what’s been going on in our lives, and he came out to me. So we talked about boy-friends and he asked if I had one, and I said yeah…. Later during shopping we ran into Julian and talked to him, three gay computer nerds in one spot, that was funny shit. From there Nathan and I went out to a lake, but it wasn’t any lake around here. It was the one in Lenox. We hung out there, and them my Grandpa and Adam showed up… We all hung out and talked tell Shiela and Beak showed up as well. Then we all went back to my G&G’s house. There my Grandma and other aunt were cooking. And they were feeding some food to Claire (who was sitting on the counter and is a dog). But as soon as Andy gave Katie food, they freaked out about something… That’s about when I woke up. But it was just a really really fucked up dream.

Last night was fun. We went to the GLRC and they all talked while I did homework. It was good times. Afterwards we went to Java Joes and hung out and talked and shit. People all left early, and it was sad, but eh, we had a fun time. Julian was there as well and we got to talk about all kinds of stuff. So it was good. I’m going to his house Thurday to fix some stuff for him.

The weekend was also good. Saturday we watched porn with James tell 3 AM, then Adam and I came to my house and spent the night here. Friday we went to Static which was great, there was this one hot boy…. Trevor, Travis.. I dunno his name, but he was in the white boxer contest and it was HOT! OMG. I wanted to jump on stage and fuck him there… ::fans self::

There were alot of other funny shit that went down Friday night and thoughout the weekend, but I don’t have time to explain it all.

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