Our House

So this weekend has been very good, Adam and I spent the weekend together at his Aunts house who was out of town. Very good times.

We went out both nights, but everyone went to Static on Friday and we didn’t want to, and then Saturday no one showed up, so we went and got porn. Good times.

Not much though really went on this weekend.

So I got home today, and walked in the front door, there is now a HUDE whole where a wall used to be, it’s very odd.

I’m off to find a new domain name. I’m transfering registers this Oct, and it’s now one-fourth the cost of what I’m paying now, so I figured I’d get a second domain, cause that’d be cool. I’m thinking magica-magica.com, org, net, whatever, they’re all open.

If you have any other suggestions, e-mail me, or leave comments, eh!

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