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SQL and such.

So not much has really been going on lately.

Like I said yesterday I’ve been very busy. Today’s my mom’s b-day and I won’t see her, I left her a card this morning though, so hopefully she’ll get it.

Lala, I’ve been very bussy. This weekend will be good cause I’m staying with Adam at someone else’s house. So we’ll have our own house for the weekend.

Speaking of having our own house. I’m looking for apartments, and roommates, so if you’re thinking about perhaps an apartment for this fall in Ames/Huxely. E-mail me.

Blah, not much has been going on, plans for July 4th weekend are good to go, we’re leaving here about 5pm Wed night and we’ll be back sometime either July 6th or 7th. Good times. But there will be no sex.

I’ve been working on a new design for a MySQL database for here at work all week, it’s getting to be really big, I’m going to have to enter it into Visio on Monday, or if I can find something, a Linux alt perhaps.

Night all.

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