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Well my life seems fairly empty lately… eh? I haven’t had much going on except school and work and more school. It sucks really. The quiz we had yesterday was alright in all regards. Apparently no one got the answers totaly right, so today he gave us an opinion quiz. Since the quizes are more to promote class attendance and award those that attend rather then for actual grades he said he was going to give everyone points for yesterdays and todays quizes, which is cool.

I haven’t seen Adam today, cause he worked tell 8 and never called me when he got off, and I won’t get to see him tomorrow either cause I have a paper to write, god damnit… oh well only one more week of this class and then it’ll be over, but then I’ve got that other one starting the day after… Gwar.

He did tell us though that we have a quiz on Monday, so I must study the chapter for that day… Actually it’s two chapters so I wonder what he’s going to quiz us on… Hmm.

I hate having to go to summer school… I promise I’ll stop bitching sometime soon. But I mean, it just sucks. I knew this summer would suck, and looky here, it is sucking. I can’t go out past 9 if I want to be awake in class the next day, which means I can’t go out at all with friends and such. I haven’t gone out with Adam yet on a weekday. ::whines alot:: I just want to be young again… But doesn’t everyone.

I’m sure everyone’s sick of my bitching, so I’ll stop now… Night all… 🙁

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You can do what I do… go out during the DAY! What an original and boring concept. It sucks, I know. Damn the classes!


I want you to know, that although it sounds like summers’ been pudding and lollipops…it hasn’t. Not do downplay anyone I’ve hung out with this last couple weeks, but everynight I go out I go out without you, and that is enough to make it no fun. I miss you soo much, and I want to have you here by my side every minute. But I can’t, so I want to make the most of what time we do get to spend…lets not let the shit muck-up all the cool ass times we could be having. I love you and want the best for us, when we can’t have the best, we make do…we lasted a whole year with you at ISU didn’t we…

I would go out during the day, if I only had the ability too. I have to work during the day cause this is a 9 to 5 job, so that option is out as well, then I have to study in the evenings. It really sucks, but hopefully after this class is out, I won’t have to study every night, just a couple times a week.

I want to be with you when ever you go out as well. I want to be out there having fun too. But I can’t and that’s what hurts me the most, is that now it’s summer and you’re going out every night, I never get to see you online during the days that we can’t go out, so it’s pretty much complete seperation. It hurts me to no ends when I’m sitting at home having to study and I can’t be out with you having a great time.

Yeah we made it through a year of ISU, but you were in school and I was in school, you weren’t going out every night, on nights that I should be able to go out, but can’t. Plus, ISU’s well in Ames, I’m now only 10 minutes away, it’s so hard to know that, like you said…

I love you and wish that I could spend every moment hanging out with you this summer, but I guess all this summer’s really going to do is put a strain on our relationship… When we make it through this summer, we know that we’re strong.

I guess you’re going to get your time though to go out without me, like you said you wanted not all that long ago.. Enjoy.

Going out during the day doesn’t work to well for me, either. I never have anyone to call, and I’ve had stuff to do for the last three weeks every single day!

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