My Life

Again today’s been really great. I woke up at 8, but didn’t feel like getting out of bed, so I just laid there thinking about alot of random things. Mostly boys, because I haven’t had sex in so fucking long, but that’s beside the point. I just didn’t feel like getting up, I feel asleep again a couple times cause I remember waking up to the phone ringing, it was like grand central station around here this morning.

I finally got up around 11 and took a shower, etc. I went downstairs and my dad was like, “You going to help hang dry wall today.” I was like, HELL NO! lol

So yeah, Adam got off work at 2 and I was headed to my bank and to get gas when he called me and said to come over to his house, so I went over there and we went and talked to Angel at Hy-Vee for like 2 hours, it was really great. We talked about what she had been up to since she got back and why she hasn’t talked to any of her high school freinds. There were a few times when I just wanted to get up and leave cause I could see that it was hurting Adam and it was also hurting me, but I stuck it out and listened to her sid eof things, I think her thinking is a bit unlogical, but whatever, it’s Angel and she can think what she wants. It still was very good to get to talk to her, even though I don’t think we’ll get to see her at all again in the next two weeks before she leaves for the summer.

After that talk we went to the mall cause Adam wants a job at A&E. They said to come back Wednesday, so that was fun. From there we went back to Adam’s house to hang out, we thought his sister was going to be home tonight, but she wasn’t so we called James and Mike again. James was out already, but Mike was just getting ready to go out with his younger brother, we made plans to meet up with them at Java Joe’s.

We got there about 9:00ish and met Mike’s brother and some other guy named Dustin, and two girls, we had a great time tonight. It was also odd cause I was standing there on the phone with the other Dustin when I turn around and see Ben Shepely’s back and I’m like “Is that Ben Shepely??” And he turned around and it was, I was soooo amused. Then I hung up on Dustin, I didn’t even realize it tell later, and I felt bad, but opps. lol. Ben and I talked for a while, he’s really changed since last summer, but still it was good to see him again.

His mom’s a Lesbian.

About 11:40 we decided to take Mike’s brother home, because he was supposed to have been home at 10:30, opps. That was the funniest thing I’ve even seen though… Mike drove past his house, his brother got out quickly and Mike drove off again. It’swas great.

From there we went back to Java Joe’s and hung out for about another hour, James also showed up in there. Mike and James went off to Valley’s after-prom, and Adam and I went home, he has to work at 10:00 tomorrow, I feel sorry for him.

Night all!

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