My Life

Best Day In a While.

So today has been absolutely great! Chris and I continued to bitch about things, and then we deicded to find a new motherboard for my computer. So we looked and looked. It was a pain in the ass to figure out what kind I needed in the first place. So yeah. We figured it all out and found a replacement Asus for $50, which is great compared to the $395 that HP’s trying to charge for a lower quality one. So that’s cool, perhaps I’ll get it soon. I should put pictures of what my server used to look like and what it looks like now, you’d all be amused. I know I am!

Today at Krell was also the annual board meeting, there were alot of big wigs around the office, people I’ve never seen before. Very odd.

Tonight Adam and I went out to Java Joe’s like normal, we were hanging out when we ran into James from group, he said he was waiting for Mike and low and behold Mike appears, so we hung out with them. It was really fun. We all went back to Mike’s apartment, which is fucking cool, and just hung out there tell 12:00 or so. Great times.

And that’s been my day, night all!

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