My Life

A weekend I’ll never forget…

if I could only remember it all.

Well prom ROCKED. Like no other. It was so great. We got ready about 3:15 and then headed off to pick people up… We got to Annie’s about 4:30 or so and hung out there. Dylan was there, one of Annie’s friends from Lincoln. He was damn hot. We did the whole picture thing and then left there for Bucca Di Beppo’s. It was really packed there, but the food was pretty good. From there we headed off to the ballroom. We got there almost 45 minutes early, but they let us in anyways and the party started, and the nervousness increased…. Things went good though, we danced around with everyone and had a good time… Until 11:30, along it came… I was getting really nervous by then and I could tell Adam was. The slow songs were coming on and I wanted to dance, I was going to make him dance. I made him get up and helped him on with his coat. We walked out to the dance floor hand in hand… Chose a spot and I put my arms around him and we danced… The song seemed to go on for hours. I could tell he was nervous and I was getting even more nervous as every second went by.

I looked around as we danced, as did he. I saw that no one was staring. He was nervous, I told him not to worry, this was our time, we were dancing, but he wouldn’t let that past him, he wouldn’t not worry and just have fun and danced. I kissed him on the cheek and he turned away. We continued to dance with all our friends around us. Finally the song was over and we went back and sat down.. I was shaking so hard, it felt like it lasted for hours… But it was the best time and the worst time of my life.

We decided to leave after that… I would have liked to stay na dance one more song, but we didn’t, it was best to beat the everyone out of there.. And I’m glad we did leave, there was a bad accident on the Highway, so we had to take a detour home.

On the ride home Adam and I talked about things, he felt that he let me down because we didn’t dance more… I think it was mostly because Jessica and Mandy made him feel bad about it. But it was alright… He took a really big step that night, a step I know I never would have been able to take when I was in HS. I was really proud of him that night.

We got home and changed, and headed back to afterprom. Everything there went great. It was pretty boring until about 4am when the hypmotist started. He was great and made Dusting yell “I pissed my pants and I’m proud of it.” Alot. hehe, we laughed and made comments about the hot guys that were doing stupid things… hope not to many people get to see that video tape we made, lol. Lots of butt action shots there.

We left there about 6 and got to bed about 7ish. It was good. We slept tell 1:30 when we got up and took the tuxedos back. Then we went out to breakfast.. After that we went shopping then back to his house to watch movies and just hang out for the last couple hours before I had to come back to school. It was sad to leave last night, but it had been a really great weekend. I wish there would be more times like that, when I can just stay with him the whole weekend and we could have our house, it was our house that weekend. We lived together.

This will be a weekend I never forget….

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