My Life

And the countdown continues

Well here it is one hour before we leave for prom activities. We leave to pick up the girls here in about 45 minutes. I’m scared as shit right now…

The last night though has been good. We hung out here all night and watched a movie and stuff. Todays been alright. It was off to a bad start though, we had to drop Adam’s car off to get fixed and he told me where the place was. So I went ahead of him… Well he told me the name of the place and that it was on 2nd street… So I went off, turned onto second and didn’t see him behind me. So I pulled over cause I was thinking the place was on 14th street, but since he said 2nd, I figured well he knew where he was going. So I stopped and then I saw him come up to the stop light to turn, so I went on ahead. Well I get down to firestone and by now I knew he had said wrong. So I pulled over and waited for him…. He caught up to me and yelled at me for going ahead and shit. It was bad, but we went back to where it was, and things worked out. It was alright now. After that we came back to Ankeny, ate lunch and then washed my car and vacumed it out. It’s all pretty now. So yeah, we’re ready to get going.


Wish us all luck. :-/

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