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Wow, imagine my surprise when I started writing this thinking that I hadn’t updated in a couple days… Then I go back and look to see that I just updated yesterday..

Crazyness. So there’s this thing on ABC right now. Everyone should be watching it. If you’re not, you’re crazy. It’s about gay adoptions and Rosie what’s her name is talking on it. Really good. I’m thinking I might skip classes tomorrow, but I don’t know yet. We’ll see.

Not much really happened today. Work was work, Nazanin was gone all day so I just kinda sat round and did nothing. MySQL won’t compile ont he DEC because of some “% rule can only have one ‘:'” error. What ever the hell that means. I found something one it, but I still haven’t figured out the fix. I did however get gcc installed finally. It only took like 3 days. The problem with that was that the GNU make I was using was too old, so I updated that and it installed fine. I think the problem with the MySQL is that the autoconf is to old, so I’m going to update that on Monday and hopefully I’ll get MySQL installed next week. Then I can install Apache and then I need to patch bind, then PHP. Hopefully it’ll be running before schools out. Then I need to find a new hard drive for it to host websites on. Maybe I’ll steal one out of the INDY’s we have. I dunno.

Yay for HOT guys:
So umm, yeah. Night all.

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