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What? No….

So good news… I just got done with an MIS test… I kicked it’s ass.. I hope. lol. Yeah.

Bad news… I might be getting a room mate… Yeah, I dunno where this person is coming from in the middle of the semester, but whatever. Sri just told me that they’re having a couple international students moving in over spring break.. So I might have a room mate when I get back. We’ll see how that goes.

Bus Law was amusing today… We were about 15 minutes from the end of class and the fire alarms went off. The prof was like… “I guess those are the fire alarms… I’ll see you on Monday after break. Leave the room in an orderly fashion” It was amusing. I almost got hit by a fire truck too… hehe.

Yeah, today feels like it should be Friday. I don’t wanna be here anymore. I’m thinking I might skip the majority of classes on Friday. Bus Law is already canceled, I never learn anything in ComS so why go? and MIS we just had a test so he’s just going to go over that… The only class I have to go to is Stat lab… So I can go tehre, it’s at 8am, but whatever. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

I have HW to do now.. And I’m going to a meeting tonight about gay art, or something. I dunno it sounded interesting.

Also people should be watching TV this week… It’s like Matthew Shepard week or something. Tomorrow on CBS there’s going to be a thing on Primetime Live. And then there was something this weekend too that I wanted to see (NBC Saturday 8PM). And HBO has a thing as well going on. So yeah… Watch some TV people.

I Love Tech Support!

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