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Monday, Monday

Hmmm, well today’s been alright so far I guess. My alarm went off at 7:30, I was going to get up and read and study some before class, since I had missed Friday. I removed the sheets and instatanly froze, so I covered back up and decided to wait a bit to get up.. I fell back asleep. I woke up again at 8 and tried getting out of bed again. I decided that the bed was better then getting up, so I laid there tell 9:30. I pulled the blanket down with me as I got out of bed, just to stay warm. It was fucking freezing in here. I got my towel and headed to the bathrooms, it was warm in there. I took a nice hot shower. I didn’t want to get out. I headed off to class about 10 and went and got some food. Classes were alright I supposed. I’ve got a test tomorrow in Cs207, that should be fairly easy.

I read alot of my bind book today. I’m up to actually setting up the servers… It’s kind of confusing cause I don’t have a group of computers that I want to set up… I just have the one. So I don’t know how to work that with the ISU network so that it all works out alright. But I think it should be alright. I’m going to set up my initial server here in a bit.

Speaking of bind and such… Someone left a really nasty comment on Julians website posing as me. I’ve traced the IP down to an ISP based in Mo. That’s about as far as I can go. I sent that info to Julian, so I dunno if he’ll do anything with it. People are just so rude.

OK, I’m off to understand bind and hopefully get a server up and running… Perhaps I’ll end up installing Redhat on my old beast here sometime.

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