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Well today’s been alright… Adam called me early this morning and I went over and picked him up… Little was said to the rest of the family. We went out to my car and I asked… “So where are we off too.” He said “Barnes and Noble.” My mom and I were going to go there this afternoon to get books, so I just called her and we met her there. Adam and I talked about things on the way there and I think all’s going to be good… I know everything’s going to be good.

I got a book on PHP/MySQL, DNS & BIND, and Linux Security, so I’m going to read those here in a bit. After the book store Adam and I headed back to Ankeny… We got back and Rob was still home, so we went off for a while longer, when we finally returned Rob was gone, so we went in and talked… It was good. He had to work at 2, so that sucks… Today as we were saying out goodbyes he started to cry and that made me sad. Today was really hard to say goodbye. But we’ll get to see each other again on Friday… I can’t wait tell then.

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