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When will I see him again?

Tonight has royally sucked ass. Adam and I got home about 5ish and went over to his house. We were just going to spend the night on the couch in front of the fire place. It was going to be nice and sweet. His mom got home, she wasn’t happy about something, she didn’t really express it that much.. But you could tell. They all ate, then they decided that they weren’t going to go out tonight, so that ruined Adam and my plans. We asked if we could come to my house, to watch TV, Adam had got the QaF DVD’s. We went out to the car to get them and were headed towards my car. Adam’s mom popped her head out the door and said, “Adam can I talk to you for a minute.” He went back inside, I went to start my car to warm it up. I started it and sat there for a while… And I sat there… And I sat there. Finally 15 minutes later, I was like screw this and went back inside to find out what was going on… As I came up the steps I could see in the windows.. Rob was on the couch, Melinda was on the couch arm. Adam was standing in front of them.. is coat off, his head down, I could tell it wasn’t good, I went and knocked on the door, hoping to save him, he motioned me in. I went in and Melinda continued with what she was saying… It wasn’t good. I could see that Adam was about in tears. I could see his heart on the floor as his mom ripped into him some more. They finished and Adam came towards me, spilled on his shoes. No coat. I knew what he was going to say, I stepped out the door and he came behind me, before he even got the door shut the tears came rolling down his face. I knew what it was about, I knew what had happened in there. He came out side and started telling me the story, I felt so bad for him. I wanted to just stand there and hold him all night, tell him things were going to be ok, because they will. Things will be ok. I know they will. He was in tears and I could tell how much his mom had hurt him. I knew that she was doing what she felt was right as a parent, but I don’t think she was. She didn’t need to rip into him that much, esspecially when he was getting ready to leave to go somewhere. I left him, I didn’t want too, I wanted to stay there and hug him all night, I wanted to be there for him to cry on when he needed me.

I cried all the way home feeling so bad for him. I got home and my mom came to the door, she asked what was wrong, we talked for like an hour about him, and his parents. How they’re doing, in everything. We talked about it all…

My mom thinks that Adam’s a scapegoat for his mom, some one she can take her frustration out on… She can’t do it on Abbie, or Rob…. So it’s Adam… Granted he does deserve to be punished in some way for his bad grades, and his debt, but I think she’s taking it all to an extreme. Maybe it’s just me.. Maybe I’m missing a part of the story.

She had alot of good suggestions and insights into things. Mostly things we’ve already looked at, like getting him out of there, how he could afford it, ways he could get his debt paid off. She’s a wise woman.

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