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Prom Dream?!

Well last night I had the wierdest dream… Adam hadn’t asked me to prom, so he went with some girl. I dunno know who, but that’s not important in the dream. Well he went and had spilled something on his shirt, so he had the nerve to call me at home to bring him a shirt. Well I did because I’m a nice bf like that, but when I got there he was dancing with some other guy. It clearly wasn’t like a bf dance or anything like that, it was just one of those random hey look at me, I’m dancing with a guy. But that really pissed me off cause when he told me he was going with a girl he said that it was because he wasn’t sure what would happen if he showed up with a guy, or danced with a guy, so he just wanted to be safe. So yeah.. I gave him his shirt and he could clearly see that I was pissed, so he wanted to talk about it, cause he’s like that. But I wouldn’t let him. I stormed out and decided to go shopping, so I went to the mall. I don’t know which mall it was because it was far bigger then any mall we have around here, and it was just cool. But I ended up at Kohls in that mall. I realized I didn’t have any money so I stole a 24 pack od sprakly doughnuts and left. Once I got outside of the mall though it was like I was in downtown LA or somtehing, it was just a bad area. So I started walking… As I was walking I passed this bridge and I saw some guy dump a body over the side of the bridge into the water below, and he saw me and started chasing after me. It was all really fucking wierd. But then the cops showed up and they arrested me for stealing the doughnuts, but didn’t arrest the guy that ust dumped somebody’s body over the bridge.

It was really really fucked up.

Ok, so I can’t wait tell tonight, we’ll be on our way to Lenox. Good times. Ok I must be getting to class now, laters all!

(Side note: I look DAMN hot today)

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