My Life

Adam’s Family

20:00:04 Adam – Sluk: Awkward times with mom and Abbie
20:00:07 blackc2004: Why’s that?
20:01:14 Adam – Sluk: We were taking about the tattoo you want and the rainbow thing and Abbie goes, “Oh, you and Chris and your rainbows…” and I don’t remember how this came up but my mom responded “Chris is Adam’s boyfriend.” Totally seriousy.
20:01:29 blackc2004: OMG, she said that?
20:01:50 blackc2004: Did your sister even know you were gay…?
20:01:59 Adam – Sluk: Abbie screamed (jokingly) and said my brotheres not gay! Mom goes, “Chris is.” Abbie was like “really?”
20:02:11 blackc2004: She didn’t even know _i_ was gay?
20:02:19 Adam – Sluk: I said yeah and she laughed. I explained that it
20:02:57 Adam – Sluk: ‘s not a bad thing. And I said, “And your brother is gay.” Her eyes got all big and was suprized.
20:04:04 Adam – Sluk: we discussed how I’ve been harrassed forever and that’s why I started the GSA and that gay life isn’t like Will and Grace or QAF, gay people are real and this is who they are just like hair color, feet size, etc.
20:04:53 blackc2004: Ahh, so is she taking it well?
20:04:57 Adam – Sluk: She seemed ok with it. and she asked if you and I were indeed together. I said no and she goes, “Well when are you two gonna hook up then?!?” I about lost it.

Adam’s Family is so funny. lol

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