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So here I am at work. They’ve really annoyed me today though. Last Thursday I ordered some new stuff for my office. Well it came in yesterday, and instead of waiting for me to get here to put the damn stuff in, they decided that they would do it themselves. Now, these parts aren’t something that are critical to anything, it’s just a little box that makes it to that one keyboard and one mouse contolls all the computers in my office (A KVM switch for those more techincal people). I mean, we’ve been working on ordering one for months, it’s just that we never got around to it because we hadn’t ordered anything from somewhere that had them, and we didn’t want to pay shipping on just that. So we waited. But yeah, so I came in today, both my computers were pulled out, my laptop was on the floor, there were boxes and plastic wrapp just thrown on my desk, my picture of Adam had been knocked down behind my desk, everything was just a mess. And that really pissed me off. First because it’s my office, they should have just left it on my desk, second, they screwed everything up and didn’t even bother putting anything back, third they left thier trash on my desk, and fourth they didn’t even get it set upright. Grrr.

But now I’m working on my C++ hw and some other random stuff. It’s alright.

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