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Monday Nights

Tonight was a ton of fun. My car was supposed to be done, so I called them after I got out of class and asked if it was. They said that it wasn’t because they didn’t have a relay switch, which is what I took out to make the horn stop, so they asked me to bring it to them, so that they wouldn’t have to wait for a replacement to get there. So I took it to them, thinking that it’d be like a pop it in turn it on and see if it works things. And if it works, I can have the car, if it doesn’t they keep it. But I get there, and they’re like no. It’ll take longer then that, cause they have to reset the computer and stuff. But it was so sad cause they were waching it and everything when I got there, it was so cute. It even still had the string from Adam’s Christmas ball on there. ::whines:: I want my car back.

But I got to go to the GLRC tonight and that was fun times. Even though kit or kat or whatever her name is annoyed the hell out of me and pissed Adam off, it was still good times to be able to go there, and hang out again. Good times. Julian and I also talked about doing something with the Alliance website. I guess he sent me an e-mail a while back. So eiter I didn’t get it, or it got lost in the masses of e-mail that I get, so I’m going to go find it now. Laters all.

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