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Ok, so here’s the story about the whole website troubles and such. Early Wed. morning I was uploading a shit load of stuff to a bunch of different places. Well since I was uploading so much, I just got it started and then left for class. Well, when I got back I noticed that the upload to my website didn’t finish, so I tried connection again. But it said that I didn’t have permission to connect. So I was like, WTF? I didn’t really worry about it all that much. Later on that day I got an e-mail from them saying they were having server problems, so I didn’t think anything of it. Then a couple hours after I got that e-mail, I got another one from them, saying that my account had been deleted “on [my] behalf” because of “adult” material. I had no such “adult” material on my site, the only thing that was on there which could be related to adult material was an empty folder entitled “porn.” But I stress that it was _empty_ because it was. I e-mailed them back and explained that to them, and asked them what evidence they had that I had broken the terms by having “adult” material. They repied to me with a listing of files that were on the site, the time they were uploaded and the IP from which they had been uploaded. So I looked that over, and grepped my logs for the IP that they had sent me. Sure enough that IP showed up in my SSH and ftp logs. I had clearly been hacked. I e-mailed them back with this information, and asked that my account be re-instated. They e-mailed me back and said that they would re-instate my account, but that it would have to be on the NT basic plan. This really pissed me off because 1) I paid for the UNIX account, which is more then the NT account, 2) because most of my site is set up for UNIX only things, 3) because greymatter doesn’t work on NT. However, I guess it is ok, because there isn’t a data rate limit anymore, so I’m thinking about putting my webcam back up. That is if I can get it to work with Linux. We’ll see. But now I have to just get the site back up and working agian. That’s going to be a major hassle.

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