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Great Weekend with Adam

This weekend has just been bloody great. Friday night Adam and I went out with Mary. We met up with her about 8:30 and headed down town. It was great to get down town again. It’s been like 3 weeks since I was down there last. We hung out at Java Joe’s for a while, and Mary stared at the band guys and Adam and I stared at other guys, and it was fun. Later that night we met up with Tara and Missy and we went and walked around the skywalks and just had a good time.

About midnight we took Mary home and Adam and I headed back to my house to go hot tubbing. It was bloody cold out, but that’s the best time to go, because the water just feels so great. It was also almost a full moon and there were a few stars out, so it was nice and romanitic. After that we went inside and we watched the last DVD of QaF. Well, we didn’t really watch it, we just went to the good parts, cause earlier that night I had got a quote from there stuck in my head, and I couldn’t remember exactly how it went, so I had to hear it. But on the way to find it we ran into alot of other good things, so we watched those as well. We finally got to bed about 3 am or so. It was nice to sleep with him again. I just love that feeling so much.

Adam didn’t have to work Saturday, so we got up about 11 and went out shopping. Then later that night we headed off and did some other random things. About 8:30 or so we finally decided what we were going to do that night. . . We headed off to the South Side of Des Moines and then went back to Adam’s house. About 1:30 Betsy called and asked if we could take James back home, cause he was stuck there. That was a really really funny phone call. So I left Adam’s about 1:45 and went over and got James, and took him home. That was realy funny as well. He offered to give me a Blow-Job for the ride, but I was like, “no, I’ve had enough of that tonight.” lol, good times.

Today I met up with Adam about 11:30 or so and we went back to the south-side and went malling. He had to work today at 4, so we headed back to Ankeny and met up with Julian at Wal-mart and talked to him for a while. Abbie and Josh were there as well, it was cool to talk to them. So now here it is, almost 6, everyone on the floor is off at some party on the second floor watching that stupid football game, and I’m here with nothing to do. Gwar. Oh well

I was also supposed to get my car back this weekend. I called them on Wed, because that’s the day that it was supposed to be done originally, and the guy was like, we’re going to paint it tonight, so it should be done by Friday. So I called back on Friday and talked to him, and he said that they had it back together and everything, but they couldn’t get the Air Bag warning light shut off and that they were going to take it to Saturn that night and have them fix that this weekend. So now, it’s supposed to be done tomorrow. If it is, I’m going to go home tomorrow after classes and pick it up and then go to the GLRC with Adam and everybody. It’ll be good times. I can’t wait to get my car back. I really can’t.

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