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Christmas #4

Well Christmast #4 is over with. I’m done with the evil Christmas holiday for yet another year. Tomorrow is New Years. Adam goes back to school soon. This break, this year, has really flown by. I hope 2002 has more to bring. Christmas wasn’t really all that bad. Things were pretty good actually. I don’t think anyone asked me if I had a girlfriend. Andy got bitched at about his gf situation, which I found humerous. And yeah, pretty good times. Beak forgot my XY’s though, that made Adam sad cause he was looking forward to the newest one. As was I. But I should get them soon cause she said she was going to mail them to me. One thing that really pissed me off though was my grandma. She was just like being grandmaish, but it annoyed me. “Why don’t you come down more often. Why do you want to go. Why blah blah blah” It got really annoying. Oh well. I might stop by sometime over spring break, maybe we’ll make that an overnight on the way back from where ever we go for spring break. We’ll see.

People have been annoying me alot lately. I won’t complian about it though.

Tonight I’m going over to Adam’s house, they got their computer back, so I’m going to go play security man. It’ll be fun times.

I got my CD burner working, so I’m happy. Now I just have to get it to read from my DVD so that I can copy CD’s. Maybe I’ll just steal an old CD-ROM from someone else….

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