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Computers Suck

[Matchbox 20, “Push”]

I’ve got one final down, four more left. Gwar. One of them is tonight, only a few hours left to go tell that’s over with.

Computers suck. They really really suck. Adam’s computer is still having problems. Major problems. It’s now freezing in intervals of 10 minutes or less. Gwar at that. I’ve narrowed the problems down to:
1) 178 various viri
2) Bad BIOS settings
3) Or probles with the Soundblaster/Video card.

1) Install Linux and make them all learn how to use it
2) Take everything out except for the nessacary components and see if that fixes it. Then add components tell we find the culprit.
3) Upgrade to WinXP and see if that fixes it.
4) Write 0’s to the drive four or five times and then run fdisk /mbr a couple more times.
5) Install a new hard drive for $50 – $100
6) Buy a new computer and give the old one to Adam to learn Linux on.

That’s the only things that I can think of that would fix it. Damnit. This really annoys me. But this thing has not beat me yet. It’ll beat me when I call Tech Support to come fix it. But it won’t beat them. ::evil laugh:: HAHAHHA

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