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La la. I’m procrastinating yet again. I really should get to work on this paper, but I’m relaly not in the mood to. I hate this subject that she gave us for it. It’s not anywhere near a “reasearch” paper, it’s more of an opinion paper then it is anything. Rarr at that. Oh well.

I went to class this morning we learned about falicies. It was boring. We had a HW assingment to do. I did most of it in class with the guy sitting next to me. I also have to read some speach that Richard Nixon did. That should be amusing, cause well. Everyone knows that Nixon is cool.

There’s a semi-hot guy visiting the roomie.

I’m hanging out with Adam tonight. He can’t go out, so we’re going to watch movies at his house. I also want to spend some time talking to him about things. I was up all night thinking about things. But I bet I won’t get the chance to talk to him. I always have an idea to talk to him. But I never actually get around to it. We always get busy with something else. Or the chance never comes up. Sometimes I don’t want to bring the things up cause I’m affraid of what might result from them. I don’t think anything bad will happen. But I just feel that maybe these things will work themselves out and eventually everything will be ok. But I don’t really know if that’ll work out. We’ll see.

I’m going to skip my last class today and work on the English paper once the roomie leaves. I can’t get anything done in here with him babbling and playing annoying games. I should be home about 4ish and then I’ll head over to Ankeny about 5ish. I have to go to the Doc cause my perm retainer is annoying me. Rarr. See I have this metal wire behind my teeth to keep them str8 well my wisdom teeth are coming in and the other day I was eating pizza and the bottom one snaped off on one side, so now it’s just losely hanging in there and when ever I eat, it moves and jabs me in the tounge and such. It hurts. ::cries::

Well that worked, he (the roomie) just left.

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