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Hot Boys

[Marcy Playground, “Sex And Candy”]

Here’s some candy. I need some candy. And some sex. lol.

My roomie is moving out next semester. It’s final. I hope my next roomie is either A) Cute, B) Nice C) Gay or D) one or more of the above. That’d be sweet action there. lol. I’m going to re-arrange my room then over Christmas break. Maybe I’ll drag some other people up here to help me out with it, so that way it’ll be cool. And the new roomie won’t have much of a say in it. So there. 😛

I need more time to spend on I wish I had as much time as Adam does. But I don’t. Fucking college gets in the way of that. Damnit.

Niel’s gone crazy. Head on over to CometB. If you’ve got a Comet account and see if you can log into it. It’s pretty nice. But I still like mine better. No offence to Niel.

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