Nov 25, 2001

Nov 25, [Mary J. Blige, "A Dream"]

Ok, so I haven’t updated in like forever. Well lets see what’s happened….

Thanksgiving went ok. Pam was there. I didn’t say a single word to her

the entire day. The bitch. Well for that matter I hardly talked to any of

my family that day, that was good. Bout 4:30 or so Adam called and I went

over there and picked him up. From there we headed to Perry to meet up with

my Aunt and Cousin. We went and saw Harry Potter. A pretty good movie. After

that we went back to thier house and just talked and shit tell about midnight.

It was good times, my aunt seemed to like Adam.

Friday was Friday. I went up to Perry about 2:30ish and we went to Monsters

Inc. It was a prtty funny movie, but it wasn’t really what I was expecting,

Harry Potter was better. After that I stayed there and hung out tell about

8 then I went back to Ankeny and picked up Adam. From there we went and

picked up Mary and Mary. It was a good night, but I got a bit pissy. We

dropped Mary and Mary off at home about 12 and from there Adam and I had

a nice long talk about things between us. It was good to get them out there

and we resolved alot of things. We’re good. I don’t want to get into what

the probelms were though…..

Saturday, Oh yeah. Adam had to go to a t-day with Rob, so I hung out and

went shopping by myself all day. It was pretty good times. I didn’t find

anything that I wanted to get anyone though. Grrr. About 8, Adam called

me. I had been done shopping for about an hour, and I knew that he was going

to be back soon so I just drove around Ankeny. I got so fucking lost. Damn

Ankeny, lol. But yeah, I went over there and we just hang out all night

talking. It’s so great. I love to just sit there on his couch and talk to

him about random things, to just hold him in my arms or have him hold me

and to just watch TV. It’s just so great. The best feeling to to have his

hands on my shoulder, or my chest. I just can’t explain it.

Sunday, Adam called me about 11:30, so I went over there and we went shopping.

I found something that I’ll get him for Christmas, if I have any money.

lol. But yeah, after the shopping we went to work, well he went to work,

I went to study. But it was good times. I left there about 7:30 and here

it is almost 9. I’ve got almost 400 e-mails to go through, most of it looks

like junk, but there’s a bunch of stuff in there from niel and ben, I guess

there’s some problems brewing at NP.

Laters all

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