My Life

Nov 21, 2001

Nov 21, [Staind, "Fade"]

Ok, well last night was tons of fun, even though by the end of the night

I was tired and cranky. Oh well. I met up with Adam and everyone at Ankeny

High school, and we went to thier GSA meeting, that was tons of fun. I finally

got to meet Ms. Bair, she seemed pretty cool. We watched Common Ground,

A really good movie and it shows alot of JTT. MMMM, I love him. After that

Adam and I went down to the GLRC, where we were meeting the YGA people.

Mandy, Jessica, and Tara were there too. We all went to the Chat Nior and

talked to them, it was fun times. Adam and I got hugs from the two guys.

That was sweet. Cause they were HOT! After that we all went down to Java

Joe’s to open mic night. That wsa ok. I mean, for yeah…..

This morning wasn’t good though. I get up and my mom was yelling at me.

"WHERE ARE YOU CAR KEYS." So I was getting them and she just kept

yelling at me. Well I get them, and yell back at her, "THEY"RE

RIGHT HERE." and chuck them at her. The bitch. Then she screams back

at me, "YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT." I was like, fuck you bitch.

If you would learn how to drive, you would know that there’s more then enough

room between my car and your car for you to get out. Grrr at her.

I’m supposed to be working on a manual for the conference room right now,

but I got bored with it. I figure if Chris can play solitar while he’s supposed

to be fixing Altair, then I can take some time to update my site. Yep.

I just needed someone to talk to

You were just too busy with yourself

You were never there for me to

Express how I felt

I just stuffed it down

Now I’m older and I feel like

I could let some of this anger fade

But it seems the surface

I am scratching

Is the bed that I have made

So where were you

When all this I was going through

You never took the time to ask me

Just what you could do

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