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Oct 29, 2001 #2

Oct 29, [Enigma, "Push The Limits"]

Ok, well finally we’ll get around to an update about the weekend eh?

First off, on Friday I went over and pick up Adam, we headed off to Lenox

and Corning. We went to Corning first and picked up David. Who by the way,

si really fucking hot. hehe. But then we went back to Creston, had supper

at The Windrow, and just hung out. It’s really fucking boring there, so

we spent most of our time just wondering around, but what ever. It was fun

times with two really hot guys. At one point David suggested we go rent

a hotel room for three hours. I was all over that one, but we never did.

🙁 lol. About 11 or so we took him home and Adam and I went back to my G&G’s

house. And went to bed. I really like sleeping with him. You have no idea

how great it is to have someone’s body next to you in bed until you’ve done

it. You can’t really explain it, but whenever I sleep with him, I get like

the best nights sleep ever. It’s so great.

Then Saturday we got up about 11 and went downstairs and talked to my Grandparents

for a while, they seemed to really like him. (hehe, now Shiela’s the only

person that hasn’t met him that wants too) lol. But yeah, good times there.

Then after a while we went out and walked around town for a while. I showed

him around town and we hung had a good time. We also had an amusing sheep

encounter, but I don’t really want to get into that right now. Oh well.

After that we went back to my G&G’s house and we had lunch. It was really

good, and of course Adam complained that she stuffed us too full, which

she did cause that’s the way she is. It was good though. After that we went

out to the lake and talked and took some more pictures. Fun times there.

Then we went back to my G&G’s house, talked to them for a bit more,

and then left. We were back to Des Moines by like 7:30 or so, so we went

downtown for a while, there really wasn’t much going on, so we went back

to Adam’s house and just talked. (We talk alot don’t we, I’ve got no idea

what we spend all of our time talking about, but we always seem to find

something to talk about, it’s wierd). I left there about 1Am and went home

to bed. I didn’t sleep as well that night, cause I didn’t have anyone to

cuddle with.

Sunday I was awaken by Andy playing overly loud music in the bathroom.

Grrr. Oh well. I was going to get up anyhow about that time, but now that

he was in the bathroom I had to wiat, so well I was waiting Adam called.

I forget how we got to it, but he wanted me to install Win2k Pro on his

computer. So I went over there and proceeded to spend the next 7 hours installing

that and getting everything to work right. It was fun though. Today I guess

they’re having a few problems, which I’ve sorted out. Adam and Melinda really

like it, but Rob, being the control freak that he is, doesn’t like that

he can’t play with other people’s things, or something like that. I dunno.

I’m working on solutions, that’s what I get paid the big bucks for!

This mornig I was really confused, I woke up at 7, looked outside, and

it the sun was shining bright, I was like, WTF? Did I miss my alarm, so

I got up, looked at the clock and it said that it was 7, so I looked at

my watch, it said it was 7 too. I was like, hmmm. What’s going on here.

Then I remembered it was that whole Daylight Savings time. So I went back

to bed. But I just couldn’t get it out of my head how bright it was, so

I checked the clock and my watch a few more times, determined that it was

indeed only 7, and went back to bed for another half an hour. Well I got

up at 7:30, like I normally do, went to take my shower and was surpirsed

when I found a LINE for the fucking shower. Now normally, there’ is never

anyone in the showers at 7:30, so I’m guessing some people must have forgotten

about the whole Day light things. hehe, sucks to be them. So I waited in

line, got in and turned on the shower, only to find out there was no fucking

HOT water. GRRRR. So I had to take a cold shower this morning, that sucked.

I’m going to go take another shower here soon sometime.

I installed Opera on my computer today and played around with Graymatter,

which I really like. Now it’s just a matter of finding someone to host it.

Grrr. I also found my Zippo, my thumb ring, my rainbow earring, which I’m

going to have put in this weekend maybe, and I found something else, but

I can’t remebmer what it was now. Oh well. I’m out….

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