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Oct 3, 2001 #2

Oct 3, #2 [Chicago, "25 or 6 to 4"]

So not much has really happened today. I went to English class, we talked

about our next paper and about when it’s due since she’s fallen so far behind

on the sylibus. It’s not due tell next Friday now, giving me another week

to get it done. But I sill have to get at least the rough draft done before

this Friday. I’m going to go work on that here soon. The paper is an anylisis

on three different Ad’s. I’ve got one, but I can’t really find any others

that I want to use. I’m thinking I’ll get like an A&F one and do the

whole gay side of it. That should be amusing. hehe. But yeah, and then she

was talking about the last papers that we wrote and she said that most of

the class got C’s and D’s. I was like, "Shit" I bet I did bad

cause I didn’t think that it was lal that great. But I got it back and I

was looking at it and there were tons of marks all over it and I was like,

"shit, I did suck" but then I got to the last page, and I got

a "B" on it. I was sooooooooo Happy. It was great.

So the RA for the floor just randomly stopped in to my room. I was like,

WTF? But yeah, we talked about shit and like C++ and stuff, he was like,

"Yeah, you’re coming to help me with my C++ tonight." Amusing

times there.

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