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Oct 2, 2001

Oct 2, [Divers, "Magica, Magica"]

So I’m really starting to get bored with this colour scheme, yet I really

like it. So I’m torn between changing it and leaving it. You might notice

that I did add something different today. I think it’s pretty cool. If you

can’t figure it out, just move your mouse over any black word and you’ll

see it (Well if you have IE 5.5 SP2 + I know you will. I haven’t tested

it on anything else yet). But that brings up another point. Maybe I’ll leave

it like this and just work on making it cross browser compatible. I haven’t

really tested it on anything yet to see what it’s like. One thing though

that I would like to be able to do is you know how when you go to a site

and they have a special font that they use, and it checks to make sure you’ve

got it, and if you don’t it installs it for you. I want to be able to do

that cause I want to change my font.

On other things, not much has really happened today, although I have been

really busy. I didn’t get up tell like 8:30 cause I slept in. On Tuesdays

I’m usually up by like 6:30 or so cause I have a class at 8 and then I work

and all that shit so I have to get ready for all that. Well this morning

my first class was cancelled cause we have a test tonight, so my classes

for today didn’t start tell 9:30. So I slept in. I had set my alarm clock

for 8 so that I’d have enough time to get up, get ready and stroll over

to class. Well my roomie for some reason shut it off cause it didn’t go

off and when I got up at 8:30 it had been shut off. I was like, GRRR. So

I jumped out of bed, went and showered, came back got dressed, and ran over

to class. I right on time, but I didn’t get to shave this morning, so now

I’m all stubly. Eww. Then after class I went over to the MU and studied

all day. I just got back from there a bit ago and now I’m writing up my

notes for the test. I hope I do well on it. I need a confidence boost after

last night’s test. Also today my roomie was on the phone and he registered

for a hunter saftey course. How scary is that. Rarr.

Ok, last but not least. I’m sending Angel a care package, so if you have

anything you want to snail-mail her. Bring it to me and I’ll put it in with

the rest of the stuff. I’m sending her the Pure Moods CD collection and

a Bond CD. And a couple pictures. So yeah. Get those to me by the end of

the week or something. k?

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