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Sept 30, 2001

Sept 30, [Linkin Park, "The End"]

So it’s Sunday night and here I am just getting back to my dorm room. I

really have alot to talk about here tonight, but unfortunatlly most of it’s

private. I really wish that I could talk about what’s going on in my life

here, but I just can’t outside forces won’t let me and I don’t want to break

the trust that people have in me.

I was awaken this morning very rudly by my aunt. I didn’t get home tell

about 3 this morning and then I mooped around the house tell about 4, so

I was planning on sleeping in tell like 2 or so so that I could get up and

leave and not have to put up with the family. But no about 11, my aunt came

into my room (luckely (sp) I had heard her coming up the stairs so I covered

up, since I was sleeping nude) with her stupid little dog and she put that

damn dog on my bed and let it jump all over me and lick my face. I just

said, "Go Away" and pulled the covers up over my head. She took

the dog and left, I went back to sleep. About 15 minutes laters, she came

up and did the same fucking thing. So I decided I might as well get up.

I got up, went and took my shower and went down stairs. I got down there

and she said "Like your wake up call." I was like, what the fuck

kinda question was that, would _YOU_ fucking like it if I came into your

room when you were trying to sleep and let Gordy jump all over you and lick

you. I just gave her an evil look and went about my business. There was

supposed to be an article in the paper today with Adam in it. I couldn’t

find it. Well my aunt stayed tell like 1 or so, and then she left. About

45 minutes after she left my Grandma and my other aunt showed up. I found

out that my cousin Steve was moving into the same park thing that Adam lives

in. Actually, he lives like just like down the street from Adam now, so

that’s freaky, then shortly after they got there, he got there and we were

talking and I found out that he come to Ames all the time and hangs out

on College Ave, which is just like a couple blokcs from here. It’s freaky

as hell. But yeah. I left there about 2:45 or so and went over to Adam’s.

We went out to The Garden tonight, LOTS of hot guys there. It was good times.

Now I’m back here on campus and I’m really fucking depressed. I so don’t

want to be here at all. This week for some reason leaving Adam is just hitting

me really hard. I had to stop along the interstate cause I started crying

so badly. I love him so much, and we’ve got this connection that I could

never have with anyone else. I just wish that we could be back together.

I mean I love the relationship that we’re in, but sometimes. Sometimes I

just wish we had more.

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