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Sept 14, 2001

Sept 14, [Dead Kennedy’s, "Pull My Strings"]

Hehe, I’m amused this person

linked to me. 🙂

On other topics. Today’s FRIDAY!!! I hear they might cancell the football

game tonight at Ankeny. So that royally fucks up Adam and my plans for tonight.

Oh well I’m sure we’ll find something to do. I want to hang out with Mandy

sometime this weekend, cause I haven’t seen her in a while. But my schedule

is so full already, I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to do it.

I have a Soc quiz today. I haven’t even opened the book yet. Opps. I’ll

get to it sometime. I swear. Just not now.

Really short updates lately, sorry about that, but there’s just really

not that much going on around here to talk about. Life seems to be going

pretty good. Well, not really. But in most senses of the word, life’s going

pretty good. I have to go to class now though, so laters all. Maybe I’ll

see you this weekend.

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