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Aug 10, 2001 #3

Aug 10, #3 [Evan And Jaron, "Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Be Proud"]

Well since about 3 this morning today’s been pretty good. I didn’t get

much sleep though cause I couldn’t sleep I had to much on my mind. I finally

got to sleep sometime after my mom left for work this morning and then Adam

woke me about 10:30 or so. We talked for a bit there and it was nice to

talk to him. After that, I got up and got ready for the day. I wasn’t planning

on going to the mall today, but then Angie called and we talked for a bit,

but I wanted to talk to her in person, so I went to the mall and rode with

her. It was good to get things out and to have someone to talk to it about.

After we got back from the mall I went into work, and by then for some reason,

I just wasn’t feeling good at all. I felt like I was about to chuck, and

I was on the verge of fainting, and I had a horrible head-ache. It just

wasn’t good. Karen came in and asked me who was supposed to be doing Pizza,

and I told her I didn’t know, it was supposed to be me so I got pissy at

her and just ignored her, after she left I went back and started making

a few pizzas and then she came in and watched me for a bit I guess. I had

to keep stopping cause everytime I went to do something, I just felt like

I was going to faint and I was light headed. So she came back and bitched

at me for even coming into work sick, and I was like, god damnit. I told

Mel this morning at like 3 that I shouldn’t come in today, but she insisted.

So I came in. And I felt like shit. I knew I would, but it didn’t set in

tell about that time. I don’t really know what it was, but I was just pissy

and sick, and not good times. So Karen and I bitched at each other for a

while, and then I left. I came home, and took a long cold shower, just sitting

there letting the water hit me, and now I feel much better, I still have

the head-ache, but I’m feeling better. I’m going to go out with Mandy, Julian,

and Vero tonight. That should be pretty fun. We’ll see. I want to go over

to see Agam getting stoned, and I wanted to try it, but now I’m just not

in the mood at all to be around him for that amount of time. Or in that

condition. So I’m not going to go over there to do it. Maybe some other

time, maybe never. The world will work it self out in time. In time.

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