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Aug 06, 2001

Aug 6, [Alanis Morissette, "You Learn"]

So tonight’s been pretty cool. I worked today from 10 tell 4 and I was

by myself for 4 hours of that. grr. I did about $5,000 in sales during that

time. I had lines from one side of the store to the other end, and I was

working both registers at once. After work I came home and begged my dad

to let Adam have some of his wonderful Koi. He told me no at first and that

they were like his children and that he didn’t want to let any of them go

yet. I was like, they’re just fucking fish. Then he went out there and got

two fish and put them in a bag, and told me to take them to Adam, they looked

like minnows to me, but I wasn’t going to argue with him, so I took them

over to Adam. He agreed with me that they looked like minnows, and I guess

he’s now lost them already, so whatever. I’ll let him come over some time

and steal, I mean borrow, one out of the pond. After that we hung out at

his house, that was amusing times. Then they wanted supper, so I left. I

came home and hung out here for like 10 minutes then I went over to Xak’s

and we called Vero and she came over and we watched Mallrats. That’s one

messed up movie. After that I came home and here I am now.

I’ve been in a fairly good mood lately. Everyonce in a while I hve troubles

getting to sleep cause I’m depressed, but other then that it’s been mostly

good. Things seem to be working themselves out. I’ve still got alot to talk

about to people. Not just Adam (although we do have _alot_ to talk about),

but other people as well. Life is starting to look better, although, I’m

not really looking forward to school starting. Unlike last year, where I

just couldn’t wait for it to start. I’m going to bed now.

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