July 22, 2001

July 22, Ok well i’m here at my G&G’s but i wanted to write this update before i forgot everything that’s happened in the last couple days. Well friday night i went over to zach’s cause that’s where we were meeting everyone. that was fun. we started out playing pool and then adam wanted to go hot tubbing, so ang and zach went there, i hadn’t brought my swim suit and i didn’t want to go naked so i didn’t go. i got alot of heat bout that, but oh well. i don’t really care. adam and xak both went naked and then adam got out and ran around naked in the back yard. i got a nice look at his ass, hehe, little did i know i’d get a closer look at it the next morning. but yeah. he did that and then we went inside and everyone changed and adam, ang, and i left to go over to adam’s house.

we got there and we wanted to watch movies, adam didn’t have anything good, so we went over to leah’s house and found some, we got nightmare before christmas and some other one, but we didn’t get around to watching it. but we watched it and had fun. it’s such a great movie. then about 2 am or so we went to bed. it started out, i was nedxt to the wall, adam was in the middle and angie was on the edge. well we tried that for a while, but adam got to hot, so adam and ang switched spots. i didn’t like that as much, but adam was hot, so yeah. it worked. i dunno. well we laid like that for a while, and of course no one got to sleep cause we kept talking about random things. then i had to get up to go to the bathroom and when i got back i found my spot occupied so i was on the edge of the bed. i liked it there better anyhow, so i slept. i don’t know when they got to sleep or anything. but yeah. i got some sleep.

i woke up about 9 or so to find adam laying next to me, that kinda freaked me out, but it was nice. i wraped my arms around him and went back to sleep cause ang didn’t have to leave tell 10:30. then about 10:20 or so i woke up again and i looked over and there was adam looking at me. it was so cute. i wanted to kiss him, but i had baaaaad morning breath, so i didn’t. lol. then the alarm went off so we all got out of bed and angie got her stuff and left.

after ang left adam and i were like, ok what now. well we got online and did some random stuff there. checked e-mail you know the normal stuff. then adam reached over and undid my belt and took it off. then he laid his head on my lap and we just sat there like that for a bit, listening to music. after a bit i was like, lets go in and sit on the couch, so adam put together a play list consisting of wonderwall and a few other songs that fit the mood very well. we went and laid on the couch, he had his arms wrapped around me and we were just laying there. he reached down and felt me though my pants, he was like you go boy. lol, it was funny. then he reached down and un zipped my pants. then we just laid there kissing a bit and hugging and talking.

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